Overwatch 2 Season 11 Hero Changes: Tank, Damage, and Support Hero Changes

Overwatch 2 Season 11 Hero changes have been revealed and we have listed all the changes made to Tank Heros, Damage Heros, and Support Heros.

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Overwatch 2 Season 11 Hero Changes

Overwatch 2 Season 11, named Super Mega Ultrawatch, started on June 20 and brings a cool, retro vibe inspired by old Japanese live-action movies called Tokusatsu, famous for their classic special effects and monster costumes.

The new season offers a bunch of exciting new skins and cosmetics for players to enjoy. Plus, characters like D.VA and Roadhog have been tweaked to keep the game balanced and fun. This article will break down all these changes so you know what Overwatch 2 Season 11 has to offer.

Overwatch 2 Season 11 Hero Changes

Blizzard Entertainment shared updates on their official X account about changes for Sojourn, Roadhog, and Kiriko in the game, and you can find the list of all the character updates below:

OW2 Season 11 Tank Hero Changes

  • D.Va: Her Fusion Cannons are now more accurate because their spread has been narrowed from 3.75 to 3.375 degrees. Also, her Boosters do more damage when they hit enemies, going from 15 to 25, which makes her better at attacking and moving quickly.
  • Junker Queen: Her Jagged Blade ability now pulls tanks further. Her ultimate move, Rampage, starts faster, going from 0.75 seconds to 0.5 seconds, making it quicker and more effective.
  • Orisa: The cooldown for her Javelin Spin has been reduced from 9 seconds to 8 seconds, so she can use this defensive move more often.
  • Roadhog: His base health has been lowered from 650 to 600, making him a bit easier to take down. Also, the damage he blocks while using Take a Breather has been reduced from 50% to 40%, so he’s less tough when healing.

OW2 Season 11 Damage Hero Changes

  • Cassidy: The Peacekeeper's "Fan the Hammer" attack now does 45 damage instead of 50. Combat Roll now reduces damage by 50% instead of 75%. Additionally, his Flashbang ability was replaced with Magnetic Grenade, which hinders enemies instead of stunning them for 1.2 seconds. This hindrance increases the movement speed reduction from 30% to 50% and prevents crouching movement. The Magnetic Grenade also inflicts 45 explosive damage and has a 12-second cooldown. Finally, the deadeye speed reduction now decreases from 70% to 35% over time. The damage reduction also decreases from 40% to 0% over time.
  • Mei: The size of the Endothermic Blaster's ice projectile is now 0.12 meters (down from 0.15). The damage of the blaster's secondary fire has also been increased from 75 to 85.
  • Reaper: The spread of the Hellfire Shotguns has been reduced from 6.5 to 6 degrees. The cast time of Shadow Step has been shortened from 1.5 to 1.2 seconds.
  • Sojourn: The extra damage from the secondary attack now ranges from 1 to 100 instead of 30 to 130. The secondary attack can now pierce through enemy players without needing Overclock. The rate of fire for the main attack has been increased from 14 shots per second to 16. Finally, the rate at which Overclock energy charges up has been raised from 100 to 120 per second.
  • Symmetra: Her base health increased from 100 to 125, making her total health increase from 250 to 275. Also, her Photon Projector's primary fire now charges 25% faster.

OW2 Season 11 Support Hero Changes

  • Illari: Outburst’s Damage has been raised from 10 to 251, and Healing Pylon healing per projectile has increased from 30 to 40.
  • Kiriko: Swift step cooldown increased from 7 to 8 seconds while protection suzu no longer cleanses hard knockdown stuns.

Apart from the hero changes, we also have a general update in OW2 Season 11. Now, when two charging abilities hit each other, the knockdown time is shorter, reduced from two seconds to 1.7 seconds.

And that brings us to the end of all the Overwatch 2 Season 11 Hero Changes and the general update that we got in this season.

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