All Zenless Zone Zero Banners: Names and Uses of Character, Weapon, and Permanent Explained

You must be interested in knowing about all Zenless Zone Zero banners, including the names and uses of characters, weapons, or permanent banners? Here we have explained them.

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All Zenless Zone Zero Banners: Names and Uses of Character, Weapon, and Permanent Explained

Zenless Zone Zero is the newest free-to-play gacha game from HoYoverse, and its fast-paced combat will draw you in and keep you engrossed. HoYoverse's presentation is excellent as always, but the studio truly went above and beyond with Zenless Zone Zero. And once more, just like in any HoYoverse gacha game, you need to keep an eye out for banners to unlock new Agents and weapons that are only accessible for a short period of time.

Knowing about every Zenless Zone Zero banner—character, weapon, or permanent—is essential if you're determined to amass as many Agents and weapons as you can. There are currently only two banners—including future ones—confirmed for Zenless Zone Zero, given that the game was just released, and here we will detail all that you should know about the Zenless Zone Zero banners, including their names and schedules.

What are the names of Zenless Zone Zero Banners?

Zenless Zone Zero Character Banners: Signal Searches

In Zenless Zone Zero, character banners, also known as Signal Searches, are where you can spend Master Tapes and Boopons to pull for characters. Each limited-time character event Banner runs for three weeks and features one S-Rank character with boosted pull odds, and two boosted A-Rank characters. To pull on these temporary event character Banners, you need Encrypted Master Tapes.

Zenless Zone Zero Weapon Banners: W-Engine Weapon Banner

The Dissonant Sonata is a permanent W-Engine Banner with boosted S-Rank and A-Rank weapons that change every three weeks, coinciding with the introduction of new event character Banners. You will need Encrypted Master Tapes to pull on this weapon Banner too.

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Zenless Zone Zero Permanent Bangboo Banner: An Outstanding Partner

An Outstanding Partner is the permanent Bangboo Banner with fixed boosted S-Rank and A-Rank Bangboos. The Bangboo Banner uses a special currency called Boopons, which cannot be purchased with real money. Boopons can only be earned by playing the game. Unlike other banners, you can choose which S-Rank Bangboo you will pull next, guaranteeing the selected Bangboo on your next S-Rank pull.

Zenless Zone Zero Permanent Banner: Star-Studded Cast

The Star-Studded Cast Banner includes all S-Rank characters and W-Engines that are not boosted in event character Banners. Every 10 pulls on this Banner guarantee at least one A-Rank character or W-Engine weapon. After 300 pulls, you can choose any S-Rank character from its pool.

Additionally, a set of 10 pulls is discounted by 20%, good for up to 50 pulls—that's ten for the price of eight. This indicates that you will receive a regular S-Rank character in 50 pulls or less, however, the discount will end once you obtain your first S-Rank character via Star-Studded Cast.

For the banner reruns in ZZZ, you should be aware that every banner rerun in ZZZ will be unique. The boosted S-Rank character will remain the same, but the pool of boosted A-Rank characters that go with it will be different.

Zenless Zone Zero Current and Upcoming Banners

Here are the details on the current and next Banners in Zenless Zone Zero, as well as a list of all the Banners since the game’s 1.0 launch.

Current Zenless Zone Zero Banner

Character Banner: Ellen

The current Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 character banner, which showcases Ellen, an Ice attacker with the Attack speciality on her Mellow Waveride banner, will expire on Wednesday, July 24. The boosted A-Rank characters are:

  • Anton (Electric, Attack)
  • Soukaku (Ice, Support)

Weapon Banner: Deep Sea Visitor

Ellen's signature weapon, the new S-Rank Deep Sea Visitor Attack specialized weapon, is featured on the current ZZZ W-Engine Dissonant Sonata Banner. The boosted A-Rank W-Engines are:

  • Bashful Demon (Support)
  • Drill Rig - Red Axis (Attack)
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Next Zenless Zone Zero Banner

Character Banner: Zhu Yuan

Zhu Yuan, who makes her appearance on Wednesday, July 24, during Phase 2 of version 1.0, is the next Banner in Zenless Zone Zero. Zhu Yuan, with her Unswerving Bullet Banner, is an Ether attacker with the Attack specialization. The boosted A-Rank characters on Zhu Yuan's Banner are:

  • Ben (Fire, Defense)
  • Nicole (Ether, Support)

Weapon Banner: Riot Suppressor Mark VI

The next Dissonant Sonata weapon Banner in version 1.0's Phase 2 showcases Zhu Yuan's signature S-Rank Riot Suppressor Mark VI Attack-type W-Engine. The boosted A-Rank weapons are:

  • The Vault (Support)
  • Big Cylinder (Defense)

ZZZ Star-Studded Cast Banner

The ZZZ Star-Studded Cast Banner includes six S-Rank characters:

  • Grace
  • Koleda
  • Lycaon
  • Nekomata
  • Rina
  • Soldier 11

The A-Rank characters available in the ZZZ Star-Studded Cast Banner pool are:

  • Anby
  • Anton
  • Ben
  • Billy
  • Corin
  • Lucy
  • Nicole
  • Piper
  • Soukaku

ZZZ Bangboo Banner

The ZZZ Bangboo Banner features eight S-Rank Bangboos:

  • Amillion
  • Bangvolver
  • Butler
  • Plugboo
  • Resonaboo
  • Rocketboo
  • Safety
  • Sharkboo

The A-Rank Bangboos in the ZZZ Bangboo Banner pool are:

  • Avocaboo
  • Bagboo
  • Boollseye
  • Cryboo
  • Devilboo
  • Electroboo
  • Exploreboo
  • Magnetiboo
  • Paperboo
  • Penguinboo
  • Sumoboo

Overall, Zenless Zone Zero offers a variety of Banners for players to pull characters and weapons using different currencies earned through gameplay. Each Banner type, whether it’s for characters, weapons, or Bangboos, provides unique features and guarantees, ensuring players have a clear path to obtaining their desired in-game items.

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