Upcoming Wuthering Waves Characters: Four New 5-stars Leaked

Upcoming Wuthering Waves characters have been revealed by new leaks, and there are four new 5-stars included in this list.

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Upcoming Wuthering Waves Characters: Four New 5-stars Leaked

Wuthering Waves, the latest hit in the gacha-gaming world, continues to captivate players with its exciting characters and engaging storyline. With the launch of version 1.0, we saw the introduction of Jiyan and Yinlin, then in version 1.1, we got Jinhsi, and are waiting for the release of Changli in the phase 2 WuWa 1.1 banner. Now, Kuro Games is expected to reveal several new playable characters in the upcoming updates of Wuthering Waves.

Leaks suggest that some familiar names might be added to the game sooner than expected and here we will cover these rumored upcoming Wuthering Waves characters and all the info available about them based on these leaks.

Upcoming Wuthering Waves Characters

Wuthering Waves Xiangli Yao

Xiangli Yao is expected to be a playable character in Wuthering Waves soon, according to the leaks obtained from Donut. Although he has yet to appear in the game, players can hear his name referenced several times when they visit Huaxu Academy as part of the main plot. During the mission, the Rovers also visit his workshop, but the players cannot meet him.

Since the other characters in Mortefi and Baizhi's voice lines are all playable resonators, it is possible that their voice lines about Xiangli Yao indicate the possibility of his availability as a playable entity.

Multiple leaks suggest that the character standing next to Mortefi in the game's official release trailer might be Xiangli Yao, though this is not confirmed by Kuro Games.

Wuthering Waves Zhezhi

No formal information is known about the mysterious new character Zhezhi. According to the leaks, Zhezhi appears to be a female Resonator who uses a pistol and has the Glacio trait.

Reddit users have shared the sound effects of Zhezhi's attacks, which include gunshots and ice-like effects, adding to speculation about her abilities. Resonator sound effects reveal that Zhezhi will use his punches to damage Glacio. If Zhezhi proves to be Glacio's resonator, he will team up with Baizhi, Linyang, and Sanhua.

If one pays close attention, one can hear sounds similar to Sanhua's 4-star resonator during attacks after Resonance Liberation. Additionally, because of how powerful the sound effects are to accompany her attacks, Reddit users are predicting that Zhezhi will be wielding the Broadblade weapon.

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Well, hit sound effects that were just discovered by a dataminer inside the 1.1 files for the above two new characters, Xiangli Yao and Zhezhi. And it looks like these are likely to be the main characters in the Wuthering Waves 1.2 banner based on this leak.

Wuthering Waves Camellya

Camellya will be recognizable to players who have completed the main quest. He appears during the primary mission and approaches the Rover, identifying himself as one of the Black Shores.

It has been rumored that Camellya is one of the characters that was playable at the beginning of CBT, but her appearance was completely different from what is in the game according to an old leak that is no longer available. As a result, it's possible that Camellya will eventually join the roster, though it's not certain. Unfortunately, there is no information available on her possible attributes or weapon type.

Wuthering Waves Electro Rover

As the game has already shown, Rover, the main character in Wuthering Waves, is able to use several attributes. They can now use Havoc (unlocked after fighting Dreamless) and Spectro, which is immediately available. It's interesting to note that according to leaks via @stormywaves_net, Rover is expected to get the Electro Attribute next.

Wuthering Waves is constantly adding new and interesting resonators to its roster for players to discover. However, keep in mind that these are all leaks and things might change in the future.

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