EA's New Studio: Focused On Developing Open-World Action-Adventure Games

Sources revealed that a veteran of the gaming world who has an abundance of knowledge about open-world gaming will be leading EA’s new office setup.

Knights of The Old Republic was the last popular open-world star wars game that EA released, and the players are waiting since then for some new releases to be made by the organization.

A project that too concentrated on making an Open-World Action-Adventure Star Wars games were supposed to come into action long back in 2019, but due to some complications, it got canceled even though Jedi Fallen Order and Squadrons were launched after that.

But if the reports are to be believed, EA’s new studio will now be led by Kevin Stephen (ex-Vice President of Monolith studios). And as the reports suggest the studio will be focused on making Open-World Action-Adventure Star Wars games.

While Monolith’s most famous Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War series was in making, Kevin Stephen was the in-charge of the production team. This series shared somewhat likely concepts with Assassin’s Creed, which was an open-world action-adventure series.

Kevin Stephen will be joining hands with EA’s senior VP Samantha Ryan for this project. While talking to a popular site, Samantha Ryan stated, "The activity experience space is a massively significant class in our industry, and to us at EA," She further remarked, "Players and fanatics of those games are so energetic and it's additionally one of my undisputed top choice classifications. We've likewise as of late had accomplishment with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and we couldn't want anything more than to engage more fans with comparative interests."

She additionally said, "By and by, I generally love supporting my groups to arrive at new players, regardless of whether that was an exertion like Motive's Star Wars: Squadrons, which was a hit with players, or the work BioWare did as of late on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition which has been a fan top choice and seen basic achievement however we trust likewise gets new people to what in particular was perhaps the most verifiably huge arrangement in the class' set of experiences. Both of those endeavors extend our capacity to arrive at these players."

So from the facts stated above, we can expect that EA’s new studio that is based in Seattle will be concentrating on constructing an Open-World Action-Adventure Star Wars game under the guidance of an expert.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft also claimed that they will be launching an open-world star wars game sometime in the near future which can probably result in a direct rift between the two organizations, EA and Ubisoft.

There is no concrete information available as of now, but EA is certainly going to reveal more in the upcoming time. Whatever may be the case, the future holds a lot of exciting and interesting stuff by some promising companies for its players.

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