New Black And Red PS5 DualSense Controllers Now Available for Pre-Order

You would now be able to make your PS5 a lot more energizing by pre-ordering two new DualSense regulators — Midnight Black and Cosmic Red.

PS5 DualSense Controllers
 PS5 DualSense Controllers Now Available for Pre-Order 

The future proprietors split into two camps when Sony initially uncovered the science fiction motivated plan of the PS5. The individuals who wished that the console's plan was in Microsoft's hand, and the individuals who adored the moderate-high contrast shading plan and smooth bends.

With the arrival of the new shading plans, the extra customization will be appreciated by the PS5 proprietors, an alternative to the past Dbrand's Darkplates and other outsider adornments, making it simpler for them to enjoy their video gaming console coordinated with their own style.

Now the question that arises is "Where the New DualSense Controllers pre-order will be available?"

On the off chance that you might want to abstain from holding up in line and conceivably leaving with void hands, you can pre-request the controllers online at: 

  • PlayStation Direct 
  • Amazon 
  • Best Buy 

But if you are way too eager and want to get your new DualSense controller at the earliest opportunity,  in that case, PlayStation Direct sends the items roughly seven days in front of different retailers, so pre-ordering your new DualSense controller from there is your most ideal choice. It will be available for you on 11th June.

However, the two new DualSense controllers will be accessible one month from now for $69.99, at the part-taking retailers worldwide, with the specific date shifting from one area to another, as indicated by Sony.

Have a glimpse at how the Midnight Black Shade Controller will appear:

PS5 DualSense Controllers
Black PS5 DualSense Controllers

The Midnight black controller highlights two inconspicuously various shades of black with light grey.

And now have a glimpse at how the Cosmic Red Shade Controller will appear: 

PS5 DualSense Controllers
Red PS5 DualSense Controllers

The Cosmic Red controller offers a striking black and red shade that makes you remember the shades of red found all through the universe. 

All things considered, their tones are extraordinary, however, the controllers are practically indistinguishable from the standard PS5 DualSense controller.

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