Great Theft Auto 6: Leaked Map

Rockstar's yet-to-be affirmed game, Great Theft Auto 6, is quite possibly the most expected computer game ever. Holes and bits of hearsay keep on circulating around a 6th portion in the epic crime arrangement.

A released Vice City map gave fans an opportunity to think about the size and scale of the game, conceivably the setting for Rockstar's impending Grand Theft Auto 6, has been contrasted with Los Santos from GTA V.

On May 10 a 'spilled' map that looks motivated by Vice City reemerged once more. Initially showing up in 2018, the satellite-like picture raised many questions in the minds of appreciators because of its absence of detail. In any case, it has now returned with impressively more detail, prompting a resurgence in fan fervor once more.

Fans have now taken their interest to a higher level, looking at the 'spilled' guide to GTA V's Los SantosThe guide looks genuinely customary initially, with a little island apparently lining the fundamental landmass off the southeast coast.

As far as size, there's not much between the two but rather the guide thought to be from GTA 6 is unquestionably somewhat more modest, and given Rockstar's immaculate history, we can expect an exceptionally acknowledged world whatever size the guide is.

The correlations, transferred by a Reddit user additionally gave size examinations of specific POIs, similar to Airport and Military Base.

Notwithstanding the examinations, the spilled map isn't affirmed, and will not be until Rockstar give us a first glance at what they're making. The fans shouldn't expect anything soon as the full guide probably wouldn't be uncovered until the game is really delivered.

However, few of Rockstar's acclaimed games saw its guide released well early, getting a generous reaction from the local area. But whatever be the size of the guide, let's hope that Rockstar doesn't let us down.


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