Watch Dogs: Legion - Including 60 FPS Performance Mode

Ubisoft's blog entry hinted towards tentative arrangements - including a 60 FPS performance mode on next-gen consoles.

A blog series “Tea Time with Bagley” was started by Ubisoft to keep the viewers updated about the latest Watch Dogs: Legion.

The new Watch Dogs Legion Title Update was deferred in April, rather than delivering May 4Title Update 4.0 took place last week. In addition to the title update a lot of several features were updated like operative stats segment was added to the bio, rotate character model in shop interface was included, the ongoing event memory cap was increased from 5 to 15.

Lots of players enjoyed the game and gave their feedback and while keeping the community’s feedback in mind, Character Technical Director, Kieran O’Sullivan, sat down with his team and worked on one of the biggest features that were introduced in this update “Character Customization”.

Notwithstanding the arrival of Mina Sidhu, new Co-Op missions, and new character capacities, the update likewise included personal satisfaction highlights, for example, the capacity to get to the Deep Profiler of agents – notwithstanding initiates. Operative Bio live up additional to its potential by tidying up the design and text organizing, just as giving some space to players to see a greater amount of what every usable has done as they play them. Friends Only center mission meeting, simply flip the security setting when dispatching a community mission, from "Public" to "Friends Only".

Players have appreciated Mina as part of their DedSec along with exploring her powers and finding new, creative ways to use her abilities. But several bugs were reported to the company’s website and thanks to those reports the team has worked on fixing these issues. The blog stated that many of these bug fixations will arrive with TU 4.5.

TU 4.5 Features and Updates:

TU 4.5 will have the Tactical Op, Project OMNI, as well as 60FPS performance mode for the next-gen console players. The bugs associated with Mina will be fixed like players being able to use her Mind Control ability on NPCs, players can leave Mind Control if they wish to. An issue where players were compelled to restart the game in an event that they use Mind Control on an NPC when leaving limits will be fixed too.

A hotly anticipated performance mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X clients is likewise prodded to be accompanying the following update after Watch Dogs Legion's next-gen 60 FPS mode was prodded in a Reddit AMA a month ago.

No data about when the above update will be delivered. More might be declared when the Tea Time With Bagley arrangement returns in about fourteen days.
Currently Watch Dogs: Legion is accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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