FIFA 22 ICONs along with Ratings, Club, Hero Cards Leaked

The players may have gotten an understanding of the new ICON cards that they can hope to see in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in the latest update for FIFA Online and it's anything but a fascinating bundle. 

Potential FIFA 22 ICONs
Potential FIFA 22 ICONs Leaked

Fans across the globe pour in with thoughts for what EA SPORTS can change prior to the new FIFA game deliveries every year. They give their ideas regarding what can be inserted or eliminate from the game. Currently, the emphasis is on new card types, promotions, ICONs, and highlights that may be added to Ultimate Team.

With more than 100 being available to anyone, EA dropped the greatest yield of ICONs yet in FIFA 21. And now the new additions will be made in FIFA 22 as currently, it is the center of attention and it appears as though we already know who be a part of Potential FIFA 22 ICONs and will join the team.

In the last couple of titles, few FIFA 22 ICON cards have been added to the assortment in which David Beckham showed up later than expected, after Christmas in a major shocking update.

Presently, fans are waiting for the next FIFA 22 ICON cards reveal, and few leaks suggest that Cafu and Di Natale will be featuring in the new update of the FIFA 22 ICON cards.

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FIFA 22 FUT Heroes - Confirmed

With a fresh and new FUT rarity card - FUT Heroes, EA revealed a list of confirmed players.

FIFA 22 FUT Heroes

UPDATE: 03/09/21 - FIFA 22 Heroes ratings and stats

Ole Gunnar Solskjær 

An image of the Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Manchester United manager having his new FIFA 22 Hero card in his hand has been posted on online media, uncovering its details. 

In the image, Ole Gunnar Solskjær's stats were revealed, with the player having 

  • player rating - 86 
  • shooting - 88 
  • pace - 85 
  • dribbling - 84 
  • passing - 75  

Tim Cahill 

Other than the above-mentioned, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the Australian legend, Tim Cahill has likewise been revealed having his FIFA 22 hero card.

In the image, Tim Cahill's stats were revealed, with the player having 

  • player rating - 85 
  • shooting - 85
  • pace - 81
  • dribbling - 80 
  • passing - 76

FIFA 22 ICONs Ratings - Leak

Leaker Futzone has likewise mentioned dual Argentinian and Spanish worldwide Alfredo Di Stefano to get another look at ICON style. 

On the 6th of July 2021, a new leak arose, revealing all-new ICON Hero cards coming to FIFA 22 along with their ratings, these are recorded down beneath: 


Moreover, FUTWatch found various new FIFA 22 leagues and teams that had been added to the current game's code which has given a list of potential FIFA 22 ICON as well.

These are the potential FIFA 22 ICONs according to FUTWatch:

EARLIER: 9 Potential FIFA 22 ICONs were added in the latest FIFA Online update as spotted by FIFA Ultimate Team leaker KingLangpard. This rundown incorporates Manchester United cult hero Park Ji-Sung, Arsenal legend Robin Van Persie, the notable Wesley Sneijder, just as Real Madrid's Iker Casillas. 

Other than those, more present-day players were also mentioned in Potential FIFA 22 ICONs like Batigol (Gabriel Batistuta) and Jaap Stam. It has been some time since this pair was in demand to bring them on the list of new FIFA 22 ICON, however, they haven't been added previously. 

Potential FIFA 22 ICONs

  1. Gabriel Batistuta
  2. Robin Van Persie
  3. Iker Casillas
  4. Diego Forlan
  5. Park Ji Sung
  6. Cha Bum-Kun
  7. Wesley Sneidjer
  8. Lucio
  9. Jaap Stam

On top of those, a few bits of hearsay have proposed that the mentioned list of Potential FIFA 22 ICONs will be joined by Chelsea legend John Terry, however, similar to the list over, that is also a hypothesis.

FIFA 22 ICON Hero Cards

Along with the player rating leaks, it was revealed that FIFA 22 will present an altogether new sort of ICON card known as the FIFA 22 Hero card. Hero cards are fundamentally lower-rated ICON cards or eminent players from past games that have been allowed the opportunity to destroy the pitch again. 

Although it is still unclear that whether they'll be less expensive than different ICONS or how they will be included in Ultimate Team, yet the fact is that another class of cards is coming in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 ICONs Club - Leak

EA will probably add a modest bunch of new names into FIFA 22 ICON list along with keeping many of the FIFA 21 ICONs.

In any case, with the ongoing rumors, there might be a difference in design in FIFA 22. 

FUTWatch likewise uncovered two different changes to the code, with the expansion of "ICONs Club" and "FUT Heroes Club" supplanting FUT 21 ICONs. 

Maybe this could mean a lot bigger pool of FIFA 22 ICONs are coming than we may have anticipated.

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However, whenever we get any affirmation on these Potential FIFA 22 ICONs leaked then we will update this article, so make sure to keep following.

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