Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard Details Leaked

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard is the next Rainbow Six Year 6 Season 3's operation.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Crystal Guard has been announced officially

The new update is set to present another safeguard, a small bunch of map revamps, and the sky is the limit from there. Leakers have bounced onto the case, uncovering the main insights regarding Rainbow Six Y6S3, supposedly named Operation Crystal Guard. 

Despite the fact that Operation North Star was barely delivered, the Siege fans are already started anticipating a new update to uncover. So let's get started with the details of this new update "Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard".

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Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Crystal Guard has been announced officially. Today, 10th of August 2021, Ubisoft dropped a teaser for the Y6S3 substance today, teasing what players can anticipate from the new Rainbow Six Siege operator.

And as Y6S3 leaks suggested, the new Rainbow Six Siege operation will be Crystal Guard as confirmed by Ubisoft in the teaser.

The title Crystal Guard is highlighted in the teaser video along with a crystalized individual wearing shades. In the official tweet, Ubisoft mentioned, "the best view is crystal clear".

As indicated by the tweet players may see some kind of intel or observation tool and the Rainbow Six Siege Osa operator must be an attacker. Players can even get something associated with bulletproof glass, which got adjusted as a feature of Y6S2. 

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And as the leakers suggested that the Siege Osa operator will be equipped with a Talon-8 shield, which can be destroyed, the idea of bulletproof glass matches with the concept.

Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard Leaks
Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard

Recent Y6S3 leaks - Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard

As per a recent Reddit AMA, Ubisoft is fostering a shooting range to permit players to rehearse bullet penetration and recoil the patterns. 

This recent leaked feature has no official release date as of now, however, it might actually show up close by Y6S3. 

Few other leaks suggest that the game is set to get some PlayStation Tournament support. This leak has come from a popular leaker, BenjaminStrike

The earlier mentioned Benjamin Strike, an along-term Siege leaker seems to have found out the name of the upcoming Rainbow Six Operation and according to him, it'll be called Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard.

The leaker claims that Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard will be an indication at the new Rainbow Six Siege Osa operator gadget, as well.

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Operation Crystal Guard Operator - Rainbow Six Siege Osa

Ubisoft, on the 12th of August 2021, gave fans a short look at a new Rainbow Six Siege operation and revealed its new Rainbow Six Siege operator.

Ubisoft finally confirmed that the Rainbow Six Siege operator will be known as Rainbow Six Siege Osa, and it was already teased that this Rainbow Six Siege Osa hails from Croatia. 

Players will be able to get a complete reveal of Rainbow Six Siege Osa gameplay and Rainbow Six Siege operation crystal guard on Monday, 16th of August 2021.

In front of Y6S3 of Rainbow Six, the main insights and y6s3 leaks regarding the next Rainbow Six Siege have been dropping in.

Operator to join Team Rainbow has been gradually spilling. And on account of the Year 6 uncover, we definitely knew that the Y6S3 operator will be from Croatia. Nonetheless, we presently have the name of this new Rainbow Six Siege Osa although it is a leaked one. 

Leakers have uncovered that Rainbow Six Siege Osa is a safeguard, uniting with the most recent delivery in Thunderbird. According to Zer0Bytes, using the "Talon 8 Shield" which can be annihilated, the Y6S3 operator will supposedly be a safeguard administrator.

Although it is yet not clear that whether this Y6S3 operator is a deployable one or some portion of the pack of Rainbow Six Siege Osa like Clash. Let's hope that more information about this new Rainbow Six Siege Osa operator will come soon.

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Operation Crystal Guard Release Date

R6 Osa and Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard will release on the 17th of August 2021, on the test servers after Mexico Major kicks off.

North Star battle pass will be completed on August 30, and we are already aware of that, so regularly the majority of new update release dates line up with the completion of the previous one. Henceforth we can assume that somewhere near that time Operation Crystal Guard will be released, however, the accurate Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard release date hasn't been uncovered at this point.

Given it's intended to be held in North America, somewhere in August, so an August 30 release date could sound valid or maybe a September release. Whatever it will be, we will have to wait for more updates.

Operation Crystal Guard New Knife Animation Leaked

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Operation Crystal Guard Map Revamps

Back in February, Ubisoft guaranteed during the Year 6 uncover that various more modest map revamps will be incorporated in Season 3. So as promised a lot of new and modest maps are set to be delivered in Crystal Guard R6.

The specifics about the new map rework are yet to be uncovered or spilled. In any case, the maps that are off the cards for Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard include anything like Border or Fevla that of late has been improved or like Outback in Season 4 that will be revised.

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Once the map revamps are affirmed which are heading into Operation Crystal Guard, we will update you. However, maps like Fortress, Bank, Tower, Clubhouse, and Coastline haven't been contacted in some time, so there are chances of them being included in Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard. Some of these maps can be upgraded or reworked however, most of them are unbelievably mainstream and popular.

Fans should wait for Ubisoft to make the official announcement soon so that y6s3 leaks can be proven correct or false and fans get to know the confirmed news on Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard and the Y6S3 operator - Rainbow Six Siege Osa.

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