Rainbow Six North Star Battle Pass: Challenges, Tiers, Rewards and More

This moment is the opportunity to begin pounding the new battle pass as Rainbow Six Operation North Star is presently live.

With Operation Crimson Heist presently being supplanted by Operation North Star, Rainbow Six Year 6 is bursting by. The new update was uncovered at Six Invitational 2021 which included a lot of operator changes along with Thunderbird (Nakoda country protector), and the Favela map improvement.

Notwithstanding, to finish everything off and for you to granulate, there's another battle pass that is prepared. It's significantly greater than the season's past having more than 100 levels of remunerations. And additionally, in the event that you aspire to grasp your Thunderbird early, you will definitely need to investigate it and get more information about the same.

North Star Battle Pass Challenges

For the players, there will be a bunch of community and individual missions to finish in order to acquire the North Star battle pass. And make certain to inquire for the most recent missions as these missions revive like clockwork.

North Star Battle Pass Cost

There are two levels for the North Star One, similar to each and every other Siege battle pass. You have the choice to select between the premium track or the free track.

  • Premium Track

You will get early admittance to Thunderbird along with the entirety of the treats that accompanies the battle pass, only on the off chance that you purchase the Premium track. The Premium track accompanies a lot of advantages, however, it will impair you 1200 R6 Credits. The following prizes are incorporated in this pack:

    • Skins for Frost, Flores, Kapkan, Bandit, Nomad, and Buck
    • Bonus R6 Credits
    • Skins for Nokk, Valkyrie, Oryx, Maestro, IQ, and Thunderbird
    • Additional Packs
    • Skins for Tachanka, Thermite, Jackal, Thatcher, and Iana

  • Free Track

The Free track is portrayed ⁠just the way it is which is thoroughly free. And be that as it may, you just gain admittance to a set number of remunerations which includes:

    • Headgears
    • A small bunch of Alpha packs
    • Uniforms
    • Charms 
    • Weapon skins

Rainbow Six Siege: North Star Battle Pass Trailer

Number of Tiers in North Star Battle Pass

Indeed, even if you hit Level 100, the advancement will not stop. So, the highlighted difference with the North Star One is that it incorporates a limitless number of levels, not at all like past battle passes. 

Additionally, you will be remunerated at different levels like 105, 110, 115, 120, and further as the base prizes do wind up completing at Tier 100, but for every five levels that you complete after that, you can open Alpha packs.

North Star Battle Pass Expire

30th of August is the fixed date when the Rainbow Six North Star battle pass will get expired with perfect timing for Rainbow Six-Year 6 Season 3.

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