Valorant’s New Agent KAY/O

With the ability to stifle his foes' capacities, Valorant Agent KAY/O is Valorant's most up-to-date Agent which is a robot. 

Valorant’s New Agent KAY/O
Valorant’s New Agent KAY/O

Valorant's Episode 3 update which ought to incorporate a genuinely huge fix for the game will additionally have the new Agent, Valorant Agent KAY/O who will be an important part of this update.

KAY/O will be incredible at getting through adversary guards and pushing his way onto locales as he is an Initiator. Tossing an uncommon knife is one of Kayo's capacities that permits him to keeps foes suppressed i.e., in a little region from utilizing their capacities.

A Combat Stim is given to KAY/O's Ultimate when he utilizes it and on the off chance that during the Ultimate, he succumbed to death then he will get the opportunity to be restored by a partner. Kayo's Ultimate incorporates something almost identical yet emanates out from his body. 

KAY/O's other two capacities ought to be similarly as valuable, while his suppression impacts are generally exceptional. Kayo has a grenade that will do gigantic measures of harm if players are at the focal point of its group and he even acquires a blaze that can be charged to make it harder for adversaries to turn away from.

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And before KAY/O actually shows up, here's a glance at all of the capacities in Kayo's unit.

Valorant's KAY/O Agent Reveal Trailer

Kayo's Full Ability Kit 


Prepare a flash grenade. Fire to toss it, the flash grenade blasts after a short breaker which blinds anybody in the view. 


Prepare a suppression blade. Fire to toss it, the blade adheres to the primary surface it hits then twists up, and smothers anybody in the range of the blast.

Prominent Mechanics 

KAY/O acquires a Combat Stim when he is Overloaded and in the event that Kayo is murdered when he is overloaded, he enters a destabilized state and gets down that permits his partners to resuscitate him and sustain his core.

Remarkable Mechanics 

Left Clicking tosses a blaze that cooks in 1.6 seconds whereas Right-Clicking the flashbang tosses a charged blaze inducing it to cook just for 1 second.


Quickly over-burden with captivated Radianite energy that gives power to Kayo and causes huge energy pulse to discharge from his area. Foes hit with these pulses are stifled for a brief length. 


Prepare an explosive piece. Fire to toss it, the piece adheres to the floor and blasts on numerous occasions, managing close to deadly harm at the middle with every blast. 

On the 22nd of June 2021, Valorant Agent KAY/O is all set to be released on Valorant live servers. 

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