Among Us PlayStation Release Date Leaked

Among Us PlayStation release date possibly leaks, and fans that are calmly holding back to play Among Us probably won't need to wait any longer.

Among Us PS5
Among Us PlayStation Release Date

The fact that among Us became so popular without being on consoles is highly intriguing and is exactly what makes Among Us a great example of a game's success story. Luckily, Among Us is at long last advancing toward more stages, and it seems like fans have gotten to know when it very well may be coming to PlayStation. 

Among Us PlayStation version was declared back in April 2021, with fans getting some understanding into what the game would involve. Besides incorporating everything that is available in Among Us presently, the Among Us PlayStation version of the game will incorporate an extraordinary skin for crewmates. 

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This extraordinary skin will permit players to appear like Ratchet, this extraordinary skin is additionally made special as the Clank pet will likewise be available to give company to Ratchet. And although the reveal of Among Us PlayStation version in April only gave a broad range of 2021 as Among Us PlayStation release date, yet it seems like fans will not need to wait long as they can play Among Us PlayStation version from next month.

As per a leaker known for monitoring PlayStation update records, PlayStationSize, the game is presently visible in the database along with having the Among Us PlayStation release date recorded for 31st of August 2021, giving fans a potential affirmation. 

As 31 of August 2021 is falling on a Tuesday, a typical date for computer game deliveries, it appears to be a reasonable choice for a release. However, all things considered, fans should keep in mind that these are just leaks.

The date 31st August could basically be a placeholder date for the game as brought up by PlayStationSize. Hence it would be best for Among Us PlayStation fans to sit tight and wait for developer Innersloth to make the official announcement. 

Since the Among Us fans have now gotten a brief estimate about the possible Among Us PlayStation release date, they should keep in mind that this date could likewise be equivalent to the one for Xbox. 

Recently Among Us was displayed at Xbox's E3 feature, so it is obvious that it may hit the different platforms of Microsoft as soon as possible. Although this too is absolutely theory, yet it is possible that the 31st of August can be a release date for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X variants. 

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And as many had the question that is among us on PlayStation, it will be interesting to see whether the hypothesis turns out to be true as both PlayStation and Xbox fans are eagerly waiting for Among Us PlayStation and Among Us Xbox versions. However, PlayStation fans should trust that Innersloth will verify or refute the possible Among Us PlayStation release date. 

Currently, Among Us is accessible on Mobile, Twitch, and PC. And Among Us PlayStation, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S will be coming soon.

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