Son Heung-min PUBG Skin & Cosmetics

Son Heung-min's collaboration with PUBG was teased by PUBG through a teaser released on the PUBG Twitter account, and now it is said that Son Heung-min PUBG skin & cosmetics will also be included in the game.

Son Heung min PUBG
Son Heung min PUBG Bundle

A lot of huge gaming companies have started collaborating with well-known personalities, Fortnite collaborating with Neymar Jr and Warzone including Rambo and Die Hard skins, which is a great way to grab player's attention.

Presently, PUBG, the famous battle royale is getting on board with that fleeting trend and is set to include an extraordinarily skilled footballer to the game, Son Heung-min from Tottenham Hotspur winger.

The collaboration initially came to light on the 23rd of June 2021 when the picture of the footballer’s iconic celebration was posted by the authority PUBG's Twitter account. 

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And only a couple days after the fact, data miners have discovered pictures of the Son Heung-min cosmetic pack which seems quite interesting and worth getting. 

Son Heung-min PUBG Bundle

A dependable data miner PlayerIGN tweeted a picture on the 29th of June 2021, revealing the full Son Heung-min PUBG Bundle and exhibiting the items that players can hope to gather. 

The Son Heung-min bundle is quite impressive as the collection of cosmetics includes a set of celebration poses, two full outfits, two incredible weapon skins, and a signed helmet.

Son Heung-min PUBG Bundle Release Date

Tragically, at this point, the PUBG Corporation hasn't uncovered any authority subtleties on the pack, so it's hard to tell when it'll be delivered. It's reasonable a declaration will come sooner or later after fix 12.2, so ensure you watch out. 

And on the off chance that the Son Heung-min bundle is effective, it's conceivable that the fanbase can hope for something else later on. 

Steps to open Son Heung-min PUBG Bundle 

Regarding the unlocking of the Son Heung-min PUBG Bundle, it will be accessible to buy in the in-game store at a set cost. As there's been no official declaration made regarding the collaboration so it's difficult to tell the amount it will impair players.

Son Heung-min PUBG Skins - Leaks and Reports

A glance at the new Son Heung-min PUBG skin was provided by the official PUBG Weibo account, as reportes by PlayerIGN. Four screenshots of the reported Son Heung-min PUBG skin were incorporated in this little sneak peek. 

Son Heung-min PUBG skin was shown leaning on an air-drop crate and the character of Son Heung-min was looking dashing.

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However, we will make certain to update this article with all the most recent data whenever Son Heung-min PUBG Bundle releases.

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