Apex Legends Seer - Abilities, Skins of Season 10 Legend

Seer will be the new legend for Apex Legend Season 10 as confirmed by the officials.

Apex Legends Seer
Apex Legends Seer

Apex Legends Season 9 is set to reach its conclusion, and it's an ideal time for players to start anticipating the Apex Legends Season 10.

The much anticipated reveal related to Apex Legends Season 10, is regarding the Apex Legends Season 10 new Legend. And as affirmed by EA, this new Apex Legends Season 10 Legend will be "Seer".

Let's go through all the details and information that have been revealed so far about the Apex Legends Season 10 new Legend - new Apex Legends Seer.

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Apex Legends Season 10 Release Date

Apex Legends Season 10 release date is set for the 3rd of August 2021, when the ongoing battle pass for Season 9 terminates. 

Apex Legends season 10 implies that Apex will present its 18th Legend, that is Apex Season 10 new Legend, but now the main question is who is the new character in apex legends.

Apex Legends Seer will be the new Legend joining the Apex Legends Season 10 - Emergence. 

Seer Apex Legend

With the declaration of Season 10, Respawn delivered the Metamorphosis Tales from the Outlands video that gave us a look into Seer's life and how he gained his forces. 

The trailer showed that a kid was born with a curse having the sign of the moth, which seems to be the base of Apex Legends Seer abilities.

Apex Legends Seer Abilities

During EA Play Live, Game Director of Apex Legends, Chad Grenier threw some light on Apex Legends Seer Abilities and more details were shared by Gamespot.

  1. Ultimate: Seer tosses out his heart chamber and sends out many mini-drones to make a circle within which all the enemies are tracked down who move quickly or fire their weapons. Enemies can annihilate the heart chamber by shooting and obliterating it.
  2. Tactical: Sends out mini drones from Seer's chest, after a defer they mark all adversaries before him, interfering with their utilization of healing items and uncovering their areas and health to Seer and his partners for eight seconds. 
  3. Passive: Heartseeker - While pointing down sights, Seer can hear the heartbeat of close-by legends, assisting him with finding their area.

Moreover, all the emphasis on Seer's eyes was not a false alarm as the Legend is in the exploring/recon department of abilities such as Crypto and Bloodhound.

Apex Legends Seer Reveal Trailer

Apex Legends Seer is a character with an incredible and unmistakable visual plan. He has a moth theme, facial piercings, and an uncovered midriff. Fans have already started talking about the remarkable pieces of his design and wanting to get him in-game. 

Several fanarts have also been crafted for this Apex Season 10 new Legend, which shows the excitement of the fans to play this new character. 

All Apex Legends Seer Leaks

Apex Legends Seer will be African as officially affirmed by Apex Legends in a new Apex Legends season 10 teaser via the Moth and the Flame Story.

Apex Legends Season 10 Teaser

On the 15th of July 2021, players finally got their first glance at the upcoming Apex Legends Season 10 via Apex Legends Season 10 teaser. Narrating the story of "a youthful princess who was visually impaired" and searching for adoration, she may have discovered it under the window of the room. 

"His voice floated through her window and folded over her heart and they fell in love. The youngster requested that she keep a candle lit for him as he'd return that evening to take her away. 

"The ruler and his wife were listening, and out of dread of losing their little girl, they caught the young fellow and locked him away." 

Apex Legends Season 10 Legend
Apex Legends Season 10 Legend

While the Apex Legends Season 10 teaser doesn't uncover much about what the Apex Season 10 new Legend will do in-game, it's positively putting things in place for their enormous reveals as more teasers will be dropping on the 18th of July 18 and 20th of July, as indicated by data miners.

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Apex Legends Season 10 Legend - Seer

Seer Apex Legends is the name of the Apex Legend Season 10 new legend as per the recent Apex Season 10 leaks. This could be a codename, just like Valkyrie, known as "Valk" in the game documents. 

However, the leakers are emphasizing the fact that this will be the final name for Apex Legend Season 10 legend.  

Voice lines from different Legends about the new character in apex legends suggest that the Apex season 10 new legend is going to be a male, who is cursed, and possibly made of moths.

  1. Wattson - "his mom was a moon, and his dad, a moth" 
  2. Revenant - "another skinbag, essentially I hear this current one's cursed" 
  3. Pathfinder - "hello swarm of new companions" 
  4. Loba - "new person has a fashion awareness" 
  5. Lifeline - "I hear this current person's made of moths"
  6. Rampart - "my boy's coming, the game's fit to be kicked up a score" 
  7. Crypto - "this one invests an excessive amount of energy in the shadows" 
  8. Bangalore - "they say the new person can amass shotguns quicker than I can" 
  9. Caustic - "deception and misdirection, apparatuses of the defeatist" 

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Apex Legends Season 10 Leaks

Several Apex Season 10 leaks have emerged in the past regarding the upcoming legends in Apex Legends including the Apex season 10 new legend, however, a significant number of leaked characters have either been rejected or changed drastically. 

Apex Legends Seer
Apex Legends Seer - Abilities

Be that as it may, some Apex Season 10 leaks have recently emerged, including voice lines, skins, and much more, all hinting about the new apex legends season 10 legend.

Voice lines likewise reference that Apex Legends Seer is made of moths. This rumor came from the Moth spray painting that was spotted on the wall during the Season 9 Arenas teaser. However, this moth can possibly be the logo for Apex Legends Seer.

Lekas also suggests that Apex Legends Seer will be African. This is on the grounds that one of the names for Apex Legends Seer skin in the game file is 'Afrofuturism', which is a sort of present-day style that blends African dress with innovation, advocated in the Black Panther comics and movies.

Apex Legends Seer Abilities

As mentioned by Caustic "deception and misdirection" can possibly be the ability of this new Apex season 10 new legend, although no information has been revealed about the Apex Legends Seer abilities.

GarretLeaks recently revealed the logos for Apex Legends Seer abilities.

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As more Apex Legends season 10 teasers are said to be revealed on the 18th of July and 20th of July, so we will probably get to know more about Apex Legends Seer, Seer Apex abilities and then we will update the article whenever new information comes up.

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