Nintendo Switch OLED - Release Date, Specs, Color & Price

A new console has officially been unveiled by Nintendo, which will be known as the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Model
Nintendo Switch OLED Model

For quite a long time, bits of gossip have been whirling that a Nintendo Switch Pro model was being developed. It was expected that Nintendo will reveal the Nintendo Switch Pro at its E3 2021 event, and when that didn't happen, rumors start to began that the Nintendo Switch Pro will not be launched until 2022. 

Be that as it may, today Nintendo abruptly dropped the declaration trailer for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model rather than the Nintendo Switch Pro.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Release Date and Cost

Friday, 8th of October is set as the Nintendo Switch OLED release date.

And the cost for Nintendo Switch OLED will be $349.99. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-order

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders have not been opened as of now, however, pre-orders will start at some point today only. 

Clearly, this new Nintendo Switch OLED console has some additional fancy odds and a huge cost tag, so Nintendo fans can choose if the latest Nintendo Switch OLED console merit the cost once pre-orders do open up. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announcement Trailer

Nintendo Switch OLED Features

Nintendo Switch OLED Screen - One of the fundamental selling focuses for the Nintendo Switch OLED is its OLED screen, thus why it's known as the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. The OLED screen is 7 inches which is slightly larger than the first's 6.2-inch screen. Notwithstanding, while the OLED will actually want to give players a further developed picture contrast, it remains bolted at the 1280x720 resolution.

Nintendo Switch OLED LAN Support - The model has a wide and flexible stand as compared to the first Nintendo Switch, and a pristine dock with wired LAN support. It appears to be that the normal Nintendo Switch will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch OLED Storage - Nintendo Switch OLED model has 64 GB of internal storage, which should make it a lot simpler for Nintendo fans to make a collection of their favorite games. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Audio - Owners of the Nintendo Switch OLED model can likewise experience the model's improved sound as compared to the primary Nintendo Switch. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Battery - The other significant part is battery life, something that has been improved from the first 2017 version. Fortunately, even with the entirety of the upgrades including the more impressive OLED screen, this most recent Switch model offers players 4.5 to 9 hours of battery life. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Color

Nintendo Switch OLED model comes with two color options are White and Neon Blue/Neon Red.

For those players who will be hoping to update, Nintendo has additionally tried to keep all present accessories viable, so players will not need to purchase various variants of Switch docks, Joy-Cons, or any other peripherals. 

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And as the information suggests, it seems that Nintendo Switch OLED and the Nintendo Switch Pro are actually different consoles.

So, until further notice, Nintendo fans can hang tight for Nintendo Switch Pro information and Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders to go live and look forward to the 8th of October 2021 for the final Nintendo Switch OLED release.

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