Barbara Genshin Impact - Best Build, Weapons, Artifacts and more

Barbara, Genshin Impact spellcaster who uses a catalyst to deal damage and has the ability to heal not just herself but her teammates too.

Barbara Genshin Impact
Barbara Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact was released back in 2020, on the 28th of September, and since then the same has hooked up its players to collect as many anime-styled characters and weapons as possible. 

And the players who have invested some time and energy playing the game truly wish to get something that can benefit them and help them in their gameplay.

And according to the players, Barbara Genshin Impact is their topmost choice as she is a musical healer who can guarantee your victory.  

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Barbara Genshin Impact

Barbara Genshin Impact is a solid healing, free four-star character. The topmost choice for those players who wish to acquire a support class for themselves without spending any money. However, if players need to buff the Barbara Genshin Impact HP rapidly if they wish to use her full capacity.

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Barbara Genshin Impact, one of the select spellcasters who can wield powerful "catalysts" as her weapon to cause damage via magic, instead of doing it physically. Other characters can use elemental abilities whereas certain characters such as Barbara and Lisa can use catalysts. 

How to build Barbara Genshin Impact

After getting to know the abilities of Barbara Genshin Impact, players usually wonder "how to build barbara Genshin Impact", so let's try and find some answers.

While picking up the weapons for Barbara Genshin Impact, players should remember how the healing ability of Barbara Genshin Impact functions. The healing ability of Barbara Genshin Impact turns more viable and effective as her HP develops. 

The healing ability of Barbara Genshin Impact is usually disconnected from her Mastery and ATK stats, so it will be ideal for players to concentrate on feeding into Barbara's hit points.

Moreover, Barbara Genshin Impact, a Hydro user is one of five characters who use the catalyst which implies that even her normal attacks cause elemental damage. 

Players should utilize this trait of Barbara Genshin Impact if they wish to cause Hydro damage and the Wet effect onto the foes while taking advantage of her sonic healing ability. The special ability of Barbara Genshin Impact is that she can heal herself along with her teammates.

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So players should overall use this technique to trigger healing and enemy debuffs and afterward change to a symbiotic teammate who can combo with an Elemental effect.

Barbara Genshin Impact
Barbara Genshin Impact - A free four-star spellcaster

Barbara Genshin Impact - Best Build

Considering her HP-dependent capacities, and her potential as a strong tank, players should in general utilize the below-mentioned things to improve the ability of Barbara Genshin Impact: 

Barbara Genshin Impact Weapon

  • Favonius Codex
  • Prototype Malice
  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers 

Barbara Genshin Impact Artifact Sets

  • Maiden Beloved – a runner up Scholar
  • Instructor

In order to find and get these items, players will have to arrive at Adventure Ranks/AR - 30. Once players reach Adventure Ranks/AR - 30, the above-mentioned things can be found in:

  1. Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers - Can be found in enemy chests
  2. Prototype Malice - Can be found by Crafting 50 x Crystal Chunk, 50 x White Iron Chunk, and 1 x Northlander Catalyst Prototype
  3. Maiden Beloved set - Can be found as a reward from Valley of Remembrance Abyssal Domain of Blessing on Level 2
  4. Instructor set - Can be found through a common drop from enemies, especially at higher World Levels

Barbara Genshin Impact Weapon

The Prototype Malice expands base HP along with Energy rewards and extra party HP regen rewards. A few players may feel Barbara's healing effect is sufficient, however, upper-level difficulties like the depths of the Spiral Abyss may require more prominent stats. 

Prototype Malice ought to be a player's best option, whenever healing is required. 

Thrilling Tales can be acquired quite easily, however, it decreases the healing potential of Barbara. The Thrilling Tales is an ATK-inclining weapon in Genshin Impact.

Barbara Genshin Impact Weapon
Barbara Genshin Impact - Healing Ability

Barbara Genshin Impact Artifact Set

The Maiden Beloved has devoted HP buffs and thus is the topmost choice for healing-heavy Barbara Genshin Impact. Once the 4-set is finished, it expands the healing effectiveness by 15%  and furthermore increments the measure of healing got by teammates. 

Between the Dawn Winery and Dragonspine, players can discover the Valley of Remembrance and can take on the necessary stage beginning at AR 30. 

Notwithstanding, the resin can be difficult to find in Genshin Impact, so a thrifty player should pick an Instructor set

The Traveling Doctor set also appears to be enticing, however, it just buffs healing done to Barbara Genshin Impact, and not different characters or teammates. 

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Currently, players can enjoy the tremendous spellcaster, Barbara Genshin Impact on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, and Mobile Phones.

Thank you for your feedback.

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