Baal Genshin Impact [Raiden Shogun] - Everything you need to know

Baal, the next character of Genshin Impact will be released soon, yet a few images have been leaked before the official Electro Archon's release.

Genshin Impact Baal
Genshin Impact Baal

Inazuma is an expansion on the present Mondstandt and Liyue locations. And this latest Genshin Impact update brought everything from story quests, lethal weapons, new samurai kind of foes, and much more into the game.

Now a new set of characters are set to be added in the Genshin Impact update, and perhaps the most energetically expected character in Genshin Impact is "Baal". 

The release of Electro Archon Baal in Genshin Impact Inazuma update is a sure event, and miHoYo has announced the official Baal release date. 

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Hypotheses and reports have been flowing on the web for quite a long time, however, the most recent leaks have given a sneak peek at the forthcoming five-star electro character Baal.

Genshin Impact Baal Release Date

MiHoYo has finally announced the official Baal Genshin Impact release date, and the leakers were on point with the date.

1st of September 2021 has been decided as the official Baal Genshin Impact release date.

According to the leak, from a reputable leaker LumieGenshin Impact Baal release date will be the 1st of September 2021.

 A famous leaker Genshin Report has stated that either 13th of October or 24th of November 2021 could probably be the official Genshin Impact Baal release date.

This implies Baal won't be playable in the next Genshin Impact update 2.1. All things considered, the Electro Archon - Baal will probably be added to the game when Inazuma's unreleased islands will be introduced.

Baal Genshin Impact Gameplay Trailer

Currently, a proper Baal Genshin Impact gameplay trailer has not been released, yet she can be seen in the Version 2.0 "The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia" trailer. 

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In this trailer, fans were able to get a proper look at Baal Genshin Impact in the entirety of her wonder, with the Electro Archon holding a dangerous Samurai sword. 

Baal Genshin Impact's unit will be custom-made around making AoE shockwaves that devastate her foes as the blade and her environmental factors appear to be sparkling with electrical energy in the trailer. 

Fans will probably get the Baal Genshin Impact gameplay trailer whenever miHoYo decides to announce the Baal release date, however, we will update you with the latest information whenever it is released.

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Genshin Impact Baal Abilities

Although currently, not much is known about Genshin Impact Baal abilities or her kit, yet a new Genshin Impact Baal leak has uncovered her Elemental Burst. 

As per abc64real, an eminent Genshin Impact leaker, Baal's Elemental Burst gives the Electro Archon a blade. 

Moreover, Sukuna likewise guaranteed that in this state, the Raiden Shogun or Baal will likewise "use and wield her Tachi in battle, while her Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks will be injected with Electro DMG, which can't be superseded." 

This recommends that Genshin Impact Baal abilities will have both sword and polearm weapon types. 

The full breakdown of Baal's Elemental Burst can be seen beneath. 

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Genshin Impact Baal Weapon

Baal seems to be using a polearm saturated with electrical energy, and the Electro Archon was seen holding a dangerous Samurai sword which can be Genshin Impact Baal Weapon.

So the exact Genshin Impact Baal Weapon is still a mystery that can be shocking to numerous Genshin Impact fans, as the Electro Archon has been portrayed employing a sword in the official trailers, however, the leaked images tell somewhat of a different story regarding Genshin Impact Baal Weapon.

All things considered, Childe broadly uses both went bow attack and deadly sword cuts in his kit, so it is not incomprehensible for characters to use two weapon types and hence there are chances that Genshin Impact Baal Weapon can be of two types. 

And without a doubt, using both sword and polearm will make a mind-boggling combo potential.

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Baal Genshin Impact Leaks Images

A famous Genshin leaker, Zeniet released their discoveries about Baal Genshin Impact to fans through Twitter. 

While the pictures may just be of her outline, they do give a decent sign of what she will resemble when in-game. 

The first Baal Genshin Impact leak pictures are from in-game concept art and were transferred to the Genshin Impact subreddit's authority.

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Baal Genshin Impact Leaks 

When miHoYo reported the details regarding the Genshin Inazuma characters, a few Baal Genshin Impact leaks were also released online. While the devs initially shared the concept art of  Yoimiya, Kazuha, Sayu, and Ayaka, there has been no concrete reveal about the upcoming Genshin Impact character Baal. 

Yet, Lumie, a Genshin Impact leaker, provided fans with another Baal Genshin Impact leak, sharing Raiden Shogun or Baal's in-game character model and allowing fans the opportunity to at long last see what she resembles. Baal is wearing light purple robes as per the revealed image, making her look elegant and beautiful.

In the image, fans can spot Baal's hair neatly braided and her outfit is done off with fancy clasps/ flower broches that show up on both her head and lower legs. 

Numerous fans have noticed that Baal Genshin Impact has a similarity to another mainstream character (Raiden Mei) from miHoYo's Honkai Impact 3rd.

Baal Genshin Impact Story Quest

Baal is known as the God of Eternity and Raiden Shogun is the current Electro Archon and an individual from The Seven who resides in Inazuma according to Genshin Impact wiki. 

As the Shogun of the Inazuma Bakufu, the Electro Achron Baal deserves admiration among her allies and strikes dread into her adversaries. 

Almost nothing concrete has been revealed about Baal story quest, however, she shows up in the Chapter 2 preface: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves, where Kazuha describes the story of how his companion was killed by the Raiden Shogun, Baal Genshin Impact.

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