Dark Aether Camo and other Zombies camos Coming in Warzone

Black Ops Cold War's Zombies camos are coming soon in Warzone including the much-awaited Dark Aether camo.

Dark Aether camo
Dark Aether camo coming soon in Warzone

Call of Duty players has been waiting for quite a while to utilize Black Ops Cold War's Zombies camos in Warzone and when Black Ops Cold War's firearms were added to Warzone, numerous players were energized by the thought of getting Treyarch's interesting cosmetics in the game. 

The usual Diamond and Dark Matter skins made it to Verdansk, yet no Zombies camos such as Dark Aether camo made the excursion. CoD Cold War has Diamond and apparently Dark Matter variants, whereas Modern Warfare camos have Obsidian and Damascus camos. 

So, the Zombies Dark Aether camos not being included in the game left the fans with a straightforward inquiry: When will Plague Diamond camo and Dark Aether camo be accessible in Warzone? 

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To the fans' joy, Dark Aether camo can be added to Warzone sooner than we suspected. This uplifting news came from an information digger who revealed that the documents are added in-game and also gave the first gander at Dark Aether camo. 

Zombies Dark Aether camo in Warzone

'Alaix' an information digger recently revealed that all Zombies camos including Dark Aether camo are in Warzone's records on his Twitter account. He likewise shared clasps of how Dark Aether camo looks on Modern Warfare's engine. The leaker is the one who spilled a few snippets of Hijacked before it was accessible so the leak is kind of believable.

Out of all the Cold War camos that are talked about, Dark Aether camo is presumably the most desired one. Players usually love the glossy, receptive weapon skins, and Dark Aether is like the leader of all. Dark Aether camo resembles unpleasant billows of purple clouds on the metallic body of a devil.

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Alaix not just said all camos are in Warzone's records now, yet additionally shared images of every one of the three Zombies camos: The shared image of Zombies camos included:

  • Dark Aether camo
  • Golden Viper camo
  • Plague Diamond camo

Golden Viper camo and Plague Diamond camo in Warzone 

These Zombies camos clearly appear to be unique than they do in Black Ops Cold War. All things considered, they're exceptionally interesting augmentations for the individuals who work hard constantly to open the skins without having the option to utilize them in the game. 

However, fans should take all of this information with a grain of salt as these are simply the documents that are added in the game file and there are chanced that these Zombies camos may never make it into Warzone. 

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Yet there are possibilities that some fire camos do make it to the game, so fans should be hopeful that Dark Aether camo along with others are advancing toward Verdansk finally.

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