Ghostwire Tokyo Release Date Has Been Delayed

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the impending PlayStation 5 exclusive game has been postponed by Tango Gameworks.

Ghostwire Tokyo
Ghostwire Tokyo

The upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo which is an action-adventure game was set to release soon for the PS5 and PC, however, Tango Gameworks recently reported that the game, Ghostwire Tokyo will not be released until next year.

Microsoft has acquired ZeniMax Media which now owns the organizations like Tango Gameworks. However, Ghostwire Tokyo was uncovered back in June 2019 when both the studios' Tango and Bethesda Softworks were independent. 

All things considered since Microsoft now owns the Tango Gameworks, the impending Ghostwire Tokyo game is being developed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Release Date

The Ghostwire Tokyo release date has now slipped to the next year, however, the initial Ghostwire Tokyo release date was set for October 2021, that is this year.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Announcement

Tango Gameworks made the declaration on the authority Ghostwire Twitter page. The developers stated that the new Ghostwire Tokyo release date will be sooner or later in mid-2022. Although no official Ghostwire Tokyo release date was mentioned in the tweet.

Tango Gameworks conveyed that the reason behind the delay is that they want to deliver an extraordinary rendition of a haunted Tokyo that can satisfy their vision without forfeiting the wellbeing of their colleagues. 

Ghostwire developers also thanked their fans for their understanding and patience as they wish to convey an experience that has never been experienced before. However, it was promised by the developers of Ghostwire that more information regarding the game will be displayed in the coming months.

So fans should sit tight and wait for the developers to reveal a greater amount of news and information regarding the upcoming Ghostwire Tokyo game.

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The delay may have baffled a few fans of Ghostwire Tokyo, yet it's protected to say that numerous others probably saw it coming as nothing regarding Ghostwire was discussed in the most recent PlayStation State of Play. 

Only a few Ghostwire Tokyo trailers have been revealed so far, and nothing more than that has been displayed about the game. And keeping the Ghostwire Tokyo delay in mind, it is likewise going to affect when the game will be free on Xbox stages. 

And since the game is going to be Ghostwire Tokyo PS5 exclusive for almost a year, it seems that the Ghostwire game will not be out on Xbox until 2023 at the soonest. So, those who were expecting to play Ghostwire Tokyo on the Xbox Game Pass service have a genuinely huge delay in front of them. 

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Fans should keep their eye on the upcoming months as more data on Ghostwire Tokyo will be revealed by Tango Gameworks in the coming. For the time being, we know that the Ghostwire Tokyo release date has been shifted to mid-2022 for PC and PS5.

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