Super Mario Smartwatch - Nintendo and TAG Heuer Collaboration

Super Mario smartwatch is set to be released soon as a notable watchmaker TAG Heuer is working with Nintendo to make an excellent smartwatch for Mario fans.

Super Mario smartwatch
Super Mario Smartwatch

Nintendo has no plans on stopping the collaboration with top industry icons even though Super Mario's 35th Anniversary festivity has already finished.

The most recent Nintendo collaboration is with the TAG Heuer, a famous watchmaker company, and the collaboration is set to introduce the all-new Super Mario smartwatch including numerous gestures and references to the exemplary Super Mario video game series. 

Mario has developed past the domain of games, who was once a small plumber simply attempting to save a princess captured in another castle. Now Mario has turned out to become an instantly recognizable character that can be found in numerous types of products.

Recently, in 2021 fans saw the launch of Super Nintendo World in Japan, an amusement park that gives an experience of Super Mario game through its mix of intelligence and attractions, with a United States location right now being developed. 

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And this brand new TAG Heuer Super Mario smartwatch is set to be a tasteful way for fans to address and enjoy more of the gaming mascot, Mario. 

Super Mario Smartwatch

TAG Heuer disclosed the limited-time piece, Super Mario watch in its Connected line of smartwatches. The digital watch face shows a vivified Mario along with other designs. Basically, everything about the Super Mario watch is enlivened by the little Italian plumber, Mario. 

In the little teaser revealed by TAG Heuer for the Super Mario watch, the hat of Mario had the notable Mario 'M,' carved on it, along with some exemplary Super Mario symbols like the Super Mushroom, the Pipe, and the Super Star. 

Super Mario Smartwatch Release Date and Price

The Super Mario smartwatch is not available for purchase yet and even the cost of the Super Mario watch hasn't been revealed till now.

However, more data can be revealed on the 15th of July, as the site had the countdown time of the 15th of July. While the watch will probably not cost as much as the Super Mario 64 that was sold recently, it unquestionably won't be modest. 

According to what was revealed in the trailer for the Super Mario watch, when the time will hit 3 o'clock, Mario will get the Super Mushroom and will get larger in size, implying that during the different duration of time, various animations will be triggered in the Super Mario watch.

Just like the exceptional Mario animations on Japanese trains that were showed up recently, and it appears that a portion of these animations is exclusively for the actual Super Mario smartwatch.

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While the Super Mario watch probably is going to be quite costly, it makes one wonder what sort of purchaser this watch is for. However, it is magnificent to see Super Mario venture into different mediums and items, as with the forthcoming Super Mario Smartwatch and Illumination animated film.

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