God of War PC - Players Can Play God of War on PC Now

PC gamers can technically play the widely praised 2018 PlayStation 4 hit game God of War on their platform of choice. 

God of War in PC
God of War PC - Players Can Play God of War on PC Now

Released back in 2018, God of War acquired great reviews and has been embraced by fans as one of the most flawlessly awesome games in the long-running establishment. 

Until this point, God of War has been only playable as God of War PS4 and God of War PS5, however, now to PC gamers luck, they can also enjoy the popular game, God of War PC.

Since God of War debuted on the PlayStation Now subscription service recently, the game has become playable on PC, and gamers can enjoy God of War in PC. For the individuals who don't know about PlayStation Now, it is a Game Pass-style subscription service that permits its users to get access to many games. 

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PC gamers who wish to play God of War in PC should download the PlayStation Now application, sign up to the PlayStation Now service, and should have a controller as God of War in PC does not support mouse and keyboard controls. All the more explicitly, if PC players wish to get the best experience then they should go for a DualShock 4 controller when playing God of War in PC.

While PlayStation Now's July 2021 arrangement makes God of War actually playable on PC, others would almost certainly prefer to see a legitimate PC port of the widely praised game. And latest rumors suggest that a God of War PC port might just be coming sooner or later down the line, however, Sony still can't seem to make an authority declaration. 

It would bode well for Sony to carry God of War in PC for various reasons. First, recently Sony procured Nixxes, an organization that represents considerable authority in making PC ports of games. And as Sony did procure Nixxes, the organization clearly plans on porting over a greater amount of its PlayStation games to PC, and the popularity of God of War makes it perhaps the greatest choice to get a God of War PC port straightaway. 

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Furthermore, a sequel of God of War is coming, so bringing a God of War PC port will expand the crowd for the game. And God of War PC port is highly possible as a similar strategy was followed in Horizon: Zero Dawn, the game was ported to PC, and the sequel was kept for PlayStation exclusive for the time being.

While a genuine God of War PC port could be coming, PC gamers can in any case play God of War in PC through PlayStation Now. Currently, God of War PS4 is available for gamers to enjoy.

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