How to catch Shiny Charmander - Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour

Charmander Spotlight Hour is the next event in Pokemon Go for July 2021.

Charmander Pokemon Go
Charmander Pokemon Go

One of Pokemon Go's most well-known repeating occasions, Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour was originally introduced by Niantic back in 2020 where trainers get the chance to grab some interesting and rare pokemon.

Trainers got the opportunity to grab the Kanto region's Grass/Poison-type Pokemon, Bulbasaur in the first celebration of the month and now for the second celebration in the month of July, trainers will be able to catch the Kanto region's Fire-type Pokemon, Charmander.

Despite the fact that for many trainers and their team Charmander Pokemon Go will not be the best addition yet the Charmander evolution into Charizard is definitely worthy of the player's efforts.

This Pokemon Go's Charmander Spotlight Hour is the aptest opportunity for players to grab Charmander along with the Shiny version of Charmander, i.e. Shiny Charmander in their list.

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Moreover, players won't just find the opportunity to get a Shiny Charmander, yet they can likewise acquire one of the most valuable rewards in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Charmander Spotlight Hour Start Date and Time

Every month's Tuesday has been committed to facilitating an hour-long celebration for one Pokemon since 2020.

Pokemon Go Charmander Spotlight Hour is set to take place on Tuesday, 6th of July 2021, and the limited-time event starts off at its typical time at 6 PM and runs until 7 PM, which means regardless of where you are on the planet, the occasion begins around then.

Prepare to grab some Charmander or Shiny Charmander in the second Spotlight Hour of July 2021. Additionally, boosted spawn rates and selected pokemon can be encountered by the trainers if they go through the map during a set time in Pokemon Go.

Instructions to get ready for Charmander Spotlight Hour

Since the Charmander Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event only lasts for 60 minutes, so it is essential to be pre-prepared and follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Carry plenty of Poke Balls with you.
  2. In Pokemon Go, collect plenty of Pokecoins.
  3. At the minimum, spend your Pokecoins on two Incense.
  4. And be certain of having a sufficient amount of storage in your Pokemon Storage Box.
  5. Gather plenty of Pokemon Candy to proceed with Charmander evolution into Charizard Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Charmander and Shiny Charmander Spawn Rate

During this hour-long event, the spawn rate for Charmander Pokemon Go and its Shiny Pokemon variation that is Shiny Charmander will be higher. That implies it's an ideal opportunity for the trainers to get an uncommon variation or a rare Kanto region's Fire-type Pokemon.

Shiny Charmander
Shiny Charmander

Instructions to get Shiny Charmander

There is no set strategy to get a Shiny Pokemon or Shiny Charmander in Pokemon Go, yet there are a few hints that can build your odds during this Spotlight Hour for all variations:

  1. On your Android or iOS gadgets, open Pokemon Go.
  2. Utilize your Incense for the Charmander Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour.
  3. Ensure you use Berries when you track down a Shiny Charmander so it doesn't escape before you get it.
  4. The chances of catching a Shiny Charmander will be higher due to the increased spawn rate so go around in-game until you discover Shiny Charmander.
  5. In the event that you don't find a Shiny Charmander or simply Charmander, leave and find another. Try not to sit around getting them, as you just have an hour.

Fortunately, it's not very difficult to encounter a Charmander. If trainers wish to catch Shiny Charmander without being part of Charmander Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour, they should roam around the map when the conditions or weather is bright and clear to have a decent shot at discovering the Charmander.

Instead of the usual Charmander appearance that is the common red-orange coat, Shiny Charmander has a yellow composition.

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Charmander Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Rewards

Players will get Double Catch Candy as a feature of the Charmander Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Rewards. Usually many suggest utilizing an XP-boosting Lucky Egg during Spotlight Hours. Since December 2020, Pokemon Go's level cap was expanded from level 40 to level 50, so players will not have any desire to pass up this opportunity to score some simple points.

Charmander Evolution
Charmander Evolution - Charizard

Charmander Evolution - Charizard

Charmander evolution is Charmeleon and then it evolves into Charizard and in order to carry out the Charmander evolution into Charmeleon players need to utilize 25 candies then Charmander evolution into Charizard will cost 100 candies. 

Charmander evolution into Charmeleon occurs at level 16 and then, at that point advances into Charizard at level 36 and Charizard will have a dark shade, causing it to seem like Mega Charizard X. 

However, trainers will get the great opportunity to encounter the Charmander evolution into Charizard in Charmander Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour without much hard work.

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