How to unlock CoD perk Martyrdom - CoD Mobile Season 6

CoD perk Martyrdom was the latest addition in Call of Duty Mobile Season 6.

CoD Martyrdom
CoD Martyrdom is the latest perk added into the game

Call of Duty Mobile has created an image among its players for amalgamating a portion of the CoD series' most well-known weapons, perks, and maps.

And when the Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 was released on the 29th of July 2021, a few Black Ops II's Slums map and Swarm killstreak were included in the game along with Black Ops 4's MX9 submachine gun. 

Another Tier 1 CoD perk was added, as well known as CoD Martyrdom. The notorious CoD perk watches killed players drop a live explosive on their passing, basically turning their death spot briefly unsound. 

There are not many things as disappointing as effectively killing a rival, pushing forward, and afterward facing the death on their grenade. 

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While a few players will be regretting the incorporation of CoD Martyrdom, others must be curious to know "how to unlock CoD perk Martyrdom". So, let get into the details.

Instructions to open CoD Martyrdom in Season 6 

CoD Mobile's perk, CoD Martyrdom has gotten genuinely standard, demanding players to finish different challenges if they wish to open CoD Martyrdom. 

These challenges are a part of the CoD Martyrdom event that should be finished during Season 6, thus players should attempt to complete these CoD Martyrdom challenges on time. 

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Let's get into the details of these challenges and the rewards that players can acquire after completing these CoD Martyrdom challenges.

CoD Martyrdom challenges
Players will need to complete CoD Martyrdom challenges

  • Utilize the War Machine Operator Skill in MP matches - x3 times

Rewards - Credits x200 and Battle Pass XP x1000  

  • Use Frag Grenades in any mode - x20 times

Rewards - AK 47 Macaw and Battle Pass XP x2000  

  • Acquire the Avenger Medal in MP matches - x20 times

Rewards - Weapon XP Cards x15 and Battle Pass XP x1000 

  • Kill rivals with the Shrapnel Perk gotten in MP matches - x20 enemies

Rewards - Weapon XP Cards x25 and Battle Pass XP x3000

  • Kill rivals with any Lethal weapon in MP matches

Rewards - Martyrdom and Battle Pass XP x4000 

Although a certain amount of gamers are disappointed with the addition of this new CoD perk, yet it appears as though CoD Martyrdom is going to last long in CoD Mobile. 

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