CoD Mobile Undead Siege - New Zombies Mode

Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege is going to be the new mode to enter the popular Call of Duty Mobile game.

Undead Siege Cod Mobile Zombies
Undead Siege Cod Mobile Zombies Mode

While Zombies have shown up at different stages in CoD Mobile, a creative and innovative new mode is currently en route to the Call of Duty Mobile. 

Currently known as Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege, is an upcoming mode in CoD that is something totally new for both moile gamers and CoD Zombies fans the same. 

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The announcement regarding this upcoming gigantic Zombies experience, CoD Mobile Undead Siege was made by Activision via an official tweet.

Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege

Instead of a more modest round-based mode like Mauer Der Toten, or even a greater setting like Outbreak, Cod Mobile Undead Siege drops players into CoD Mobile's Battle Royale map. 

In this colossal map, players and teams will have to fight and dodge the undead. Players will be given new tools to help them live on the island as suffering, living, and surviving for five nights on the island is the way to triumph.

Although players will be capable of dropping their own custom loadouts, yet they will need some more capability to win. And in order to win, 'tower defense’ components of the Undead Siege become an integral factor. 

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Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege Release Date

No official announcement has been made yet regarding the Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege mode, so there's no telling when Undead Siege may show up in CoD Mobile. 

However, fans can expect to see the new Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege mode in Season W, as the teasers regarding this new CoD mode have already started showing up.

Instructions to play Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege

All through your experience on the Battle Royale map, you'll need to search for provisions, tools, and supplies to construct a base, and players can construct incredible turrets around the base to keep Zombies under control. 

With each passing dawn, the undead danger will just develop all the more. So the manner in which you set up these defenses around your base could give you victory in Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege. 

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Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege Rewards

The CoD Mobile Undead Siege will bring 25 exclusive rewards on release, having new weapons, characters, different cosmetics.

Players will get the opportunity to snatch these items in rewards by finishing different difficulties and challenges included in the new CoD Mobile Undead Siege mode. 

Currently, with Season 5 set to reach its conclusion, there are all the possibilities that Undead Siege is only days away. 

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However, we'll make certain to keep you updated here about this new CoD Mobile Undead Siege mode as further intel is delivered.

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