New World - Amazon's MMO surpasses Warzone on Twitch

New World, an upcoming multiplayer role-playing game, set to release on the 21st of August 2021 has made a huge impact by surpassing Warzone on Twitch.

New World game
New World Surpassed Warzone on Twitch

New World is the most recent game from Amazon Games Studio and this Massively Multiplayer Online game appears to get off to a decent beginning as it has surpassed the no of viewers of Call of Duty Warzone on Twitch. 

New World has gained more than half a million viewers on Twitch, effectively prevailing over Warzone and other top games or classes and the New World, Amazon's new Massively Multiplayer Online was already getting a lot of promotion before closed beta play was released on the 20th of July 2021. 

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Even though just a playtest was released for New World, however, it certainly appears individuals were intrigued to find more about this game. The game held the 1st position on Twitch's most-viewed page in practically no time, getting a whopping number of 600,000 viewers at a certain point. 

On the 20th of July 2021, New World was doing very well with a little less than 700,000 viewers at around 4 PM EST or 1 PM PST. This was more than the combined no. of viewers of Warzone, Fortnite, and LoL, which is a great head start for any closed beta of a game. 

The same has happened in the past as well when the game had another playtest in August of 2020 and was additionally a hit on Twitch. Hence, players have had a lot of time to get inquisitive about the thing devs have been chipping away for the game as the last playtest was held almost a year ago.

Another factor that could be helping New World to reach on top is every streamer who plays MMO titles or are interested in them in the MMO streaming community is obviously streaming it, like Asmongold, TimTheTatMan, LIRIK, Esfand, and many more.

All of these streams of popular streamers are definitely helping the game to reach the highest point of Twitch. In any case, it could likewise be that players are ravenous for a fresh and new IP for once. However, New World unquestionably seems like a game that the players should watch out for. 

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In case you're keen on attempting the new MMO out for yourself, you can sign up to get the beta access to get in the game before the New World release date is announced officially, which ought to be at some point later on in 2021.

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