Overwatch Summer Games Reaper & Mercy Skin Ideas

Overwatch Summer Games is one of the events players anticipate most on the Overwatch schedule, as it brings probably the most unique skins every single year. 

Overwatch Summer Games
Overwatch Summer Games

The Overwatch Summer Games is to take place once again soon, and fans have been working diligently on skin ideas they need to see this year. Incredibly, Mercy is by all accounts at the first spot on the list, but at the same time, Reaper has also become one of the favorite choices.

The list of heroes showing up in the Overwatch's Summer Games event is still not confirmed yet many fan arts of talented fans have revealed the possible choices for this Overwatch Summer Games. Overwatch Mercy skin and Overwatch Reaper skin are among the most highlighted ones.

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The first one on the list is Overwatch Mercy skin and a talented craftsman Вдувы has created this beautiful example.

As represented in Вдувы's work, Overwatch Mercy skin has a major floppy cap like Ana's beach-combing stuff, her shades and scarf look appropriated from Overwatch Widowmaker's closet and her look is completed by a combination of jeans and swimsuit. The universally adored healer looks more than prepared for a day in the sand with this game-prepared skin idea. 

And there is a reason to term Overwatch Mercy Skin as the top choice of fans as another talented artist created a lifeguard Overwatch Mercy skin, that can definitely be a part of the upcoming Overwatch Summer Games and later on released in-game. 

This piece of art of Sunshxvine shows, Overwatch Mercy skin all prepared to watch the seashore with her shades having a life preserver and a gun that look more like Super Soakers than her customary sidearms. 

The next choice is Overwatch Reaper skin, which has just gotten a couple of cosmetics during the event. It is perhaps the best name for a skin we've at any point heard.

AnimatorBonnie created a masterpiece to set an example for Overwatch Reaper skin by giving the Overwatch Reaper skin a dark Hawaiian shirt, some water shotguns, a life vest, and just like we used to do in our childhood, the talented craftsman completed Reaper's look by tieing a towel around his head as a cape.

At present, Overwatch is amidst Ashe's Deadlock Challenge which is set to wrap up on the 5th of July 2021, and the upcoming Overwatch Summer Games might actually start after the Ashe's Deadlock Challenge wraps up.

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To stay updated about the new skin that will show up in the Overwatch Summer Games, keep following as the content will be upgraded whenever new information comes out.

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