Apex Legends New Cryo Grenade Leaked

Apex Legends Cryo grenade which is capable of freezing players might be coming to the game, as hinted by recent Apex leaks.

Apex Legends Cryo Grenade
Apex Legends New Cryo Grenade might be coming soon

Apex Legends Season 10 has been a great success, having a lot of new go-to encounters and it appears players have considerably more to anticipate later on, as another weapon has been leaked. 

The most recent season of Apex Legends has pushed players to reevaluate their technique in gunfights as the new legend, Seer has been excessively strong for the game. Obviously, these gunfights wouldn't be something similar without a tactical weapon tossed in with the general mish-mash. 

Respawn has presented new weapons and legends with each new season, yet they haven't actually added a new throwable weapon into the game. Earlier players have utilized throwables as Thermite Grenades, Arc Stars, and Frag Grenades. 

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And now according to a popular Apex Legends dataminer, another throwable weapon could be presented in the game soon.

Apex Legends Cryo Grenade

A renowned and reliable Apex Legends leaker, Shrugtal has disclosed that Respawn is planning to add a new Cryo Grenade weapon in the game.

After the release of the Apex Legends Emergence update, leakers have found the Cryo Grenade through some careful datamining. Displayed in its most essential structure, the new throwable weapon, namely Cryo Grenade is presently in an early development structure.

Without any high-resolution texture or legitimate information, it appears that the Cryo Grenade was left in the game accidentally because of pre-release testing. 

Apex Legends Season 10 is still new with players, so an update down the line could execute the last little details to prepare this for the fight to come. 

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According to few players, the devs have been doing tests as of now. While it is impossible that the most current Legend Seer was launched to be deliberately strong yet others aren't persuaded with this theory.

The Apex Legends players are searching for better approaches to overcome the scary adversary as the Apex Legends Seer has ruled the meta since its appearance.

The ability of Seer to see the areas of close-by players has empowered the gamers to take down the opponents with fiery aggression. So there are chances that this new Apex Legends Cryo Grenade may very well be the answer for getting rid of the fire.

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As per Shrugtal, the new throwable is in its initial testing stage, so it will be best not to anticipate that the Cryo Grenade will hit the live servers any time soon. 

However, fans should think about it while taking other factors into consideration as Respawn can anytime decide not to release this into the main game as the organization has already presented new weapons in the two or three seasons and adding another weapon may wreck the weapon pool. 

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Hence, rather than including another new weapon along with everything else, Respawn may choose to take things toward another path simply by adding a new throwable cryo grenade capable of freezing players. 

Since Shrugtal has a very decent history of uncovering new data regarding the forthcoming substance, there is a decent chance that we may see another throwable grenade being added to the game in a future update.

This is everything that has been revealed so far about Apex Legends Cryo Grenade, keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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