Apex Legends Seer nerfs confirmed

Apex Legends Season 10 Seer was recently added to the game, and now Respawn is planning Seer nerfs as he is way too strong for the game.

Apex Legends Seer nerfs
Apex Legends Seer nerfs coming soon in the game

The most current Apex Legends Legend is perhaps a bit stronger that has overpowered the meta since his launch.

Regular updates and meta-tweaking is part of Apex Legends' routine and with the launch of season 10, new skins, weapons, another playable legend Seer, and much more was added into the game. And the recent addition of Apex Legends Seer may now require a few changes to his abilities. 

Travis Nordin, Apex Legends Seer designer, conceded the Legend was released with more force than expected in Apex Legends. Thus, Apex Legends Seer nerfs will likewise be done in possibly a few days until a mid-season update.

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Respawn Entertainment chose to hold an AMA on the Apex Legends Reddit page to accumulate data from players about the release of the new Apex Legends season, and criticism was blended. Numerous players felt that the new playable legend Seer is excessively strong in his present structure. 

During a Reddit AMA on the 6th of August 2021, Travis Nordin stated, "Seet has been released powerful, which was the expectation. He's likewise brought a ton of new gameplay components to the game (HP bars, intrude on), which has driven a ton of conversation with players, which is extraordinary to see". 

He further added, "So [he] is most likely a bit excessively solid right now and will get some changes to balance his abilities in the upcoming Fortnite patch." 

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The Apex Legends Seer was indeed planned to be chosen as a long-term legend and not the one "where they were picked a great deal in the primary week and afterward they fall into indefinite quality.". Implying Respawn planned for Seer to be acceptable, and they didn't need him to be broken. 

Apex Legends Seer designer said, "I will say that the flash on hit wound up being far more than planned and we will eliminate that viewpoint from Seer's ability,".

Meaning few pointless forces like the flashbang on Apex Legends Seer tactical will be eliminated. However, players shouldn't anticipate "principle changes" to Seer's kit. 

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Players can plainly recognize your partner's capacities from the 19 different Seers on the Apex Legends map as the devs are likewise thinking to change the comprehensibility of Seer's kit.

The designer composed, "We were intending to separate the foe/allied Seer abilities with the expansion of the red coloring applied to the VFX. I realize clarity has come up a couple of times with the VFX for Seer, and we will be investigating them to perceive how it can be dealt".

This is everything that has been revealed so far about Apex Legends Season 10 Seer nerfs, keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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