Rampart Town Takeover coming in Apex Legends Season 10 Arenas

Apex Legends Rampart event is coming soon into the game as per a recent leak.

Apex Legends Rampart
Apex Legends Rampart event is happening soon

Apex Legends players are trying out the entirety of the new substance that Respawn has included in the significant update as Apex Legends Season 10 has at last shown up.

The devs have done their best job with Apex Legends Season 10 - Emergence as the recent season included everything, from deadly Rampage SMG, a fresh Legend Seer, or the tremendous changes to the World's Edge map.

With all the new additions still being fresh, players have already started to talk about the upcoming Apex Legends collection event.

And to the fans' joy, leakers have effectively proposed that a monster-themed collection event such as Bloodhound and Revenant could be coming to Apex Legends soon.

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And a recent Apex Legends leak has suggested that soon Apex Legends Rampart could get her own spot in the game.

Apex Legends Rampart Town Takeover in Arenas 

Back in May 2021, a leak gave players their first gander at potential Rampart heirloom design, and a great deal of theory was made when the Amped Modder was at long last going to get her own event.

Apex Legends Rampart could be getting her own special town takeover sooner rather than later, as per solid leaker, SomeoneWhoLeaks

Apex Legends Rampart event will be the very first event to occur in Arenas as all the past Legend events have only influenced all the BR maps.

Additionally, another prominent Apex Legends leaker, KralRindo shared Rampart Takeover teaser animations along with the signs and location of Apex Legends Rampart Town Takeover.

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Implying, the Apex Legends Rampart event will give Rampart her own special Arenas map for the length of the event. 

GarretLeaks, another popular leaker has discovered a few snippets of data that he has gathered into a YouTube video on his channel, garret. In the first place, in one of Apex Legends' battle pass foundations, there is an image of Rampart's family with a note containing the name Big Maude. 

This might be connected to Rampart's boat, which seems to have crash land into the game's map as a feature of her town takeover. 

According to Garret, the teaser should be revealed on three different days, the first one on 5th September, the second on 7th September, and the third and last on 10th September.

This is a great piece of information for aficionados of the high-speed mode, however, it is yet not clear whether it'll be a lasting expansion to the map rotation or not.

Apex Legends Rampart Arenas Map

The kind of map that Rampart will present will probably be related to weapons, or possibly themed around her modding shop back in Gaea, however, no concrete information has been revealed about the Rampart event map.

In any case, it's an intriguing thought and will conceivably prompt more Apex Legends events being revolved around Apex's well-known Arenas game mode. 

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However, fans should take all the information with a grain of salt as all details have come from leaks and can be changed in the real game.

These were all the latest information regarding Apex Legends Season 10 Rampart. Keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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