Battlefield 2042 Gameplay footage, map, and more leaked

Battlefield 2042 gameplay has been leaked through the recently held playtest, giving fans a brief look at the upcoming game.

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Battlefield 2042 gameplay footage has been leaked

After the declaration of the Battlefield Portal - a focal center that presents past maps, weapons, vehicles, and more into its most recent game, Battlefield 2042 has been creating a lot of hype around it. 

Now, Battlefield 2042 is only a couple of months away and a Battlefield 2042 technical playtest was held today. The developer, DICE is adopting an alternate strategy for this game, by choosing multiplayer mode to narrate the story.

Players can have a look at the Battlefield 2042 Exodus short film on Youtube to have a short look at the game, yet a few players who may be longing for Battlefield 2042 gameplay are likewise in for a treat.

The leakers have revealed the Battlefield 2042 gameplay soon after the Battlefield 2042 playtest was conducted.

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Battlefield 2042 gameplay leak

The Battlefield 2042 gameplay was leaked and was posted on the subreddit GamingLeaksAndRumours, by a user Acceptable_Cable_125 on the 12th of August 2021.

In the leaked video, fans can get their first expanded gander at what the Battlefield 2042 gameplay will look and feel like.

In a round of Conquest occurring on a tropical, bright, sunny map, the player shows new elements, for example, a grappling hook attachment that allows players to rapidly climb up a building for a better view.

The player was likewise seen utilizing a similar element to downsize a slope, which also helps in shortening the distance between his opponent and him. The grappling hook attachment that can be seen in Battlefield 2042 gameplay seemed to be consistent and easy to utilize, displaying how its incorporation opens up the front line and offers strategic benefits.

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The leaked video of Battlefield 2042 gameplay also showcased a similar site of the previous Battlefield series. In one particular scene in the Battlefield 2042 gameplay footage, a player crash a tank through trees in transit down a slope that resembles the same scale and destruction that was available in past titles.

The Reddit user likewise shared a screenshot from the game where an outline of the map and class choices before redeployment can be seen. In the shared screenshot, Casper specialist can be seen who was announced recently, who also seems to have a sniper loadout. 

Casper specialist is wearing a ghillie suit for disguise, who can utilize a motion sensor and recon drone. 

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This was everything that was revealed in the leaked Battlefield 2042 gameplay footage, and there is definitely more that players will get in the original Battlefield 2042 game. We'll make sure to update you with the latest Battlefield news, so keep following. 

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