Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay leaked

Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay footage has been leaked, giving fans a look at the upcoming title with the weapon used in it.

Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay
Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay footage leaked

Battlefield 2042 is only a couple of months away and the title has been creating a lot of hype around it. The developer, DICE is adopting an alternate strategy for this game, by choosing multiplayer mode to narrate the story.

From what we've seen so far with the trailers, Battlefield 2042 means to be the biggest portion of the Battlefield series and the game will see natural disasters that will impact rounds with much greater maps in the game as compared to the past one.

There will likewise be a huge load of more modest changes and additions that change the game. However, the players who may be longing for Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay are in for a treat. 

Recently a Battlefield 2042 invite-only technical playtest was held and the leakers have revealed the Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay soon after the playtest was conducted. 

This Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay footage shows weapons firing and reloading. 

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Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay - Leak

The Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay was leaked and was posted by CODBF2042Leaks on Twitter on the 31st of August 2021.

In the leaked Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay footage, fans were able to get at a look at the upcoming weapons including 1 LMG, 1 Shotgun, 2 Assault Rifles, and 2 SMG. 

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Thanks to the recently held technical playtest which gives an active demo of an early version of Battlefield 2042

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The leaked video of Battlefield 2042 weapon gameplay didn't show much other than an enormous water body and a hillside shrouded in trees. 

The players reloaded every weapon to show various animations and fired every weapon from the hip and pointing down sights.

Battlefield 2042 gameplay
Six Battlefield 2042 weapons leaked

Moreover, fans can also spot different players battling with helicopters somewhere far off on the battlefield. At a certain point, the player was apparently killed by one of these helicopters and when the player died, the PC tossed his weapon, disarming himself. 

However, the most exciting part of the leaked footage is probably the LMG reload animation, and the Battlefield 2042 maps are likewise exceptionally dynamic and will presumably give a lot of excellent conditions to players to view when they are playing. 

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Despite the fact that merely six Battlefield 2042 weapons were shown in the leaked footage, there will be a lot more when the game finally releases.

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