Fortnite Impostors Game Mode - Complete Details in Update 17.40

Fortnite Update 17.40 has been revealed, having a brand new Fortnite Impostors game mode. Let's go through the Fortnite patch notes for today.

Fortnite Impostors game mode
Fortnite Impostors game mode officially revealed

Epic Games have some intriguing substance to offer in Fortnite update 17.40, including an all-new Imposters game mode, abduction of Coral Castle, and much more.

The Fortnite update 17.40 has much new and interesting stuff than the last update. This new update has added a suppressed version of all the weapon types that were available in the game before, and it additionally is going to add a new Wild Week along with the Legendary Quest chain.

Let's go through the details of the new Fortnite update patch 17.40.

Fortnite update patch 17.40 - Impostors Game Mode Complete Details

Fortnite Impostor Game Mode

Fortnite Impostors game mode has officially been revealed today, 17th of August 2021.

The Fortnite Impostor mode has a limit of ten players, where eight Agents will keep up with The Bridge and two Impostors will try to surpass it. 

Fortnite Impostors mode
Fortnite Impostors mode has a similar concept to Among Us

Loopers will play as IO specialists in this mode and prevent the outsider intruders from having the chance to Zero Point. 

The Agents of Order will be entrusted with protecting the scaffold by finishing different tasks or distinguishing the Imposters. Basically, this new LTM will work similarly to the famous game, Among Us, which was even supposed to have collaborated with Fortnite.

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Impostor Game Mode - Role of Agents

Fortnite Agents will need to work together to uncover anybody taking on the appearance of an individual Agent, however, players should not trust anyone totally, as anybody could be an Impostor. 

In the event that players are able to discover an individual Agent's dispensed piece, they should report it immediately.

After reporting, each player will be teleported to the Fortnite Bridge where agents can advise other Agents who they suspect may have deceived the IO and vote them out.

Impostor Game Mode - Role of Impostors

The role of Fortnite Impostor is pretty straightforward. The Impostors of Fortnite should dispose of enough amount of Agents to get The Bridge under their control prior to being found. 

Fortnite Impostors
Fortnite Impostors will be able to lead the game in several ways

Impostors will be provided with several tools to disguise themselves and stay uncovered in the long run. 

  1. Teleport Players - Impostors can cover up their tracks by relocating all Agents and Impostors to elsewhere on The Bridge. 
  2. Disable Assignments - Impostors can get valuable time by temporarily freezing all the progress on each assignment.
  3. Peely Party - Impostors will likewise be able to mix up in the group for a brief time frame, by making all Agents and Impostors look like Peely.

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And to get the trust of other players, Fortnite Impostors will also have a rundown of assignments that they can finish, just like the Fortnite Agents. 

However, players should remember that each assignment that they finish as an Impostor, they help the Fortnite Agents to get nearer to their fruition objective.

Impostor Game Mode - Team Formation

To begin the fun ride of Fortnite Impostor game mode, players can line up with any party size and any leftover space will be filled on its own. 

And if players simply wish to play with the groups of their own companions, they should select the opinion of "Private" while lining into Fortnite Impostors game mode. 

Fortnite game mode Impostors
Fortnite Impostor is a new feature in the game that has excited the fans a lot

A team of 4 players can start their own custom game, however, as Epic Games suggests, for the best experience players should group up with 10 players.

  • If the game starts with four to seven absolute players, it will have one Fortnite Impostor, and 
  • If at least eight players have formed the group, it will have two Impostors. 

In the Fortnite Impostors game mode, players will additionally have the option to change the party settings by choosing the Gear icon available in the Friend list: 

  • Select "Private", to limit other individuals from joining your party
  • Select "Friends Only", to limit your party to your own companions, and their companions will be able to join the game without any invite
  • Select "Public", to allow anybody to join the party.

Impostor Game Mode - Communication

To keep interactivity reasonable and fun, Epic Games has decided to disable the public voice chats in Impostors. However, players will still be able to communicate in party visits by utilizing the Fortnite Emotes and the new Quick Chat menu.

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Impostor Game Mode - Process of Voting out

Players will have to Force a Discussion, every once in a while to monitor individual Agents and examine the Impostor penetration. 

As mentioned earlier, discussions can be done utilizing the Fortnite Emotes and the new Quick Chat menu. 

For the discussion, the players will be taken to The Bridge's center room and during the conversations, Agents and Impostors can impart data to one another about the suspected Impostors by posing relevant inquiries about who was doing what and blaming dubious contenders to vote em out. 

Fortnite The Bridge
The discussion regarding the suspected impostor will take place in The Bridge

Similar to the concept of Among Us, in the final stage the players playing the different roles of Agents and Impostors in Fortnite will cast their vote in favor or against the decision of the group.

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And if the individual who gets removed will be an Agent, then Impostors are one bit nearer to wiping out everybody. So, it is suggested to be careful of the voting that a player casts.

Instructions to complete Impostors Mode Assignments

The Fortnite Impostors Mode Assignments go from adjusting llamas to conveying Storm reports. 

Players can find the Impostors Mode Assignments by taking a gander at the mini-map in the lower right corner of the screen. If players notice any kind of exclamation mark there, it implies that there's an assignment for them. 

And as mentioned, players should be cautious while finishing Assignments, as this is a great open door for Impostors to strike you down, particularly in case you're in a confined room on the map. 

Methods to procure XP in Fortnite Impostors Mode 

There are various secret quests to finish while playing Impostors Mode which can give players a significant measure of XP. Fortnite Impostors Mode quests will not appear until the finish of the match, so players probably won't know about them. 

Here are the XP missions that can be finished in Impostors Mode: 

  1. Complete tasks as an Agent - 4,500 XP 
  2. Complete a Match - 3,000 XP 
  3. Wipe out Agents as an Impostor - 4,000 XP 
  4. Perform Sabotages as an Impostor - 3,000 XP 
  5. Dominate a Game - 3,000 XP 
  6. Play a Match - 1,500 XP 
  7. Invest energy playing in a Match - 450 XP 

In any event, finishing only one match will acquire you heaps of XP to step up that Battle Pass.

These were the complete details about Fortnite update 17.40 Imposters mode that has been revealed. Keep visiting for more Fortnite Updates that will be coming soon and TRUST NOBODY. 

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