How to use new Fortnite Prop-ifier weapon

Fortnite Prop-ifier (Prop Gun) that enables players to disguise themselves has been made available in the game. 

Prop ifier fortnite
Fortnite Prop ifier, a new weapon in Fortnite

Today, that is the 10th of August 2021, Epic Games unexpectedly dropped another Fortnite weapon Prop-ifier (Prop Gun) in Fortnite Update 17.30. 

As the weapon's official depiction expresses, the Fortnite Prop ifier permits you to "transform into different kinds of props to mask yourself from aliens", which sounds like loads of fun.

The pristine Fortnite weapon called the Prop ifier or Prop Gun Fortnite has recently arrived on the Island which will not be any use for offensive play, yet it can help players to stow away from aliens and opponents. 

A few days ago, this Fortnite Prop ifier weapon was first leaked, so normally, fans have been hanging tight for its appearance. So, let's get to know the details about "how to get Prop ifier Fortnite gun" and "Where to get Prop ifier Fortnite Gun".

Where to find the Fortnite Prop ifier - Prop Gun

Initially, the Fortnite Prop ifier can be found across the Fortnite map in IO Chests which are situated at IO Bases, yet players will be able to find one Prop ifier via arriving on top of Abductors or getting it as an award inside the Mothership.

The Fortnite Prop ifier can only be acquired in Mothership, once players complete the orb-collecting mini-game. And players should keep in mind that the Prop ifier gun Fortnite isn't accessible in Competitive playlists. 

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How to use Fortnite Prop ifier Gravity Gun 

The Fortnite Prop ifier doesn't exactly work similarly to most different weapons in the game, still using the Prop ifier in Fortnite is really straightforward.

At the point when players acquire the Fortnite Prop ifier, they will see a holographic showcase of the multitude of Props that they can transform into. At last, players can activate the prop that they have chosen by pressing fire indeed.

Like other ordinary Fortnite Props, the Fortnite Prop ifier gun will not make players undetectable, so if anyone detects a shrubbery or fence going around, they will definitely get aware that something's going on. 

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Hence remaining still, after using the Fortnite Prop ifier gun and activating the prop will help players mix in. 

Additionally, players should remember that after utilizing a Prop created by the Fortnite Prop ifier gun, their camouflage will 'glitch' once in a while, so players should be careful while using Fortnite Prop ifier gun as it could also reveal their identity. 

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Fortnite Grab Itron Stats

As Fortnite Prop ifier doesn't take ammunition or deal damage like other Fortnite weapons, so Fortnite Prop ifier stats aren't actually significant, and choosing the weapon truly depends on players' own play style. 

If players like to sneak around and cover up all through the game, then, at that point they will presumably cherish it, as it can help in performing an unexpected attack on opponents, particularly as the circle becomes minuscule towards the finish of a match.

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These were the complete details about Fortnite Prop ifier that have been revealed. Keep visiting for more Fortnite Updates that will be coming soon.

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