How to unlock CX 9 SMG - best loadout, stats, soap operator, more

The CX-9 SMG can now be unlocked by players in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare.

CX 9 SMG in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone players after a long wait can finally unlock the CX-9 SMG officially, to add another weapon to their load-outs, so here is the manner by which to open the CX-9 in Warzone and Modern Warfare. 

The fans of Warzone and Modern Warfare have consistently been talking about the CX 9 SMG, as the weapon has been teased, released, and made accessible for a short time frame in the Call of Duty prior to being eliminated with no official clarification. 

In any case, the CoD devs have at last added the much-awaited CX-9 SMG on the 3rd of August 2021 formally alongside the Soap Operator. 

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So, let's get to know the details about "how to unlock the CX 9 SMG in Warzone and Modern Warfare", "what is the best loadout for CX 9 SMG", "Warzone CX 9 SMG Stats" and "Soap Operator Bundle"

Instructions to open CX-9 in Warzone and Modern Warfare 

The gamers will have two distinct alternatives to unlock the CX 9 in both the Call of Duty games. 

The first alternative is to finish an in-game challenge that will allow players to unlock the CX9 SMG whenever they have finished the challenge. 

The challenge to unlock the CX 9 SMG in Modern Warfare Multiplayer or Warzone is:

Players will need to get 2 Longshot Kills while utilizing an SMG in 5 diverse matches. 

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Nonetheless, if you want to unlock the CX 9 SMG quicker without finishing the above-mentioned challenge, there is another approach available to obtain this weapon. 

By buying the Soap Operator bundle in the store for one or the other game, players will get to unlock the CX 9 immediately, which will allow players an admittance to the Serac blueprint for this SMG. It will be around $20 USD.

A bug was at first keeping these challenges from being appropriately followed, keeping players from opening the Warzone CX 9. Fortunately, this has now been fixed with a speedy fix from Raven Software:

Instructions to get Serac CX-9 blueprint 

This Serac blueprint was recently found in the records for the two games, so its presentation has been hotly anticipated by the Call of Duty fans.

Best Loadout for CX 9 SMG in Warzone

CX 9 SMG - Attachments

  1. Monolithic Suppressor - Muzzle
  2. Commando Foregrip - Underbarrel
  3. CX-FR - Stock
  4. Sleight of Hand - Perk
  5. 50 Rnd Drum - Ammunition

CX 9 SMG - Perks

  1. EOD - Perk 1
  2. Overkill - Perk 2
  3. Amped - Perk 3

CX 9 SMG - Equipment

  1. Heartbeat Sensor - Tactical
  2. Semtex - Lethal

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As with every Modern Warfare weapon, players should take the Monolithic Suppressor for an incremented damage range and bullet velocity. 

Moreover, sound concealment is likewise provided by this attachment, which is key in Warzone for staying undetected on the radar. 

Then, players should use the CX-FR stock attachment to decrease the SMG's ADS speed and the Commando Foregrip to support the CX 9 recoil.

Using these attachments will enable players to take out rivals at a medium range. 

From that point onward, players should use the Sleight of Hand perk, it plays a major part to help you reload the CX 9 as quick as could be expected and bounce directly once again into the battle, as the CX-9 runs out of ammunition rapidly.

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At last, the 50 Round Drum should be used by the players to guarantee the sufficient ammunition required to take down the enemies and take on an entire crew of opponents.

Warzone CX 9 Stats - JGOD

The knowledge about the current meta is something all players should know immediately. Fortunately, JGOD shared a few pictures enumerating early reports of the Warzone CX 9 stats and where it positions contrasted with different weapons. 

In general, the new Warzone CX 9 SMG appears to be better than expected, so this CX 9 Warzone SMG might be another weapon for players to use.

Soap Operator Bundle

Currently, the Soap Operator Bundle for Warzone and Modern warfare is available in the in-game store of both games. Soap Operator Bundle has a lot of items in it, like:

  1. To The Top Weapon Charm
  2. Suilven Handgun Blueprint
  3. Serac CX-9 Blueprint
  4. Scan The Vista Calling Card
  5. Point Taken Finishing Move
  6. Highlands Soap Skin
  7. Cold Depths Emblem
  8. Clean Cut Spray
  9. Alpenstock Melee Blueprint

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Soap Operator Bundle price

The Soap Operator Bundle that contains the Serac CX 9 blueprint will cost an aggregate of 2,400 COD Points. And there is no question that many CoD players will be eager to open the CX-9 in Warzone and Modern Warfare and perceive how amazing it very well may be in the game.

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These were the complete details about CoD CX 9 SMG that has been revealed. We'll make sure to update you with the latest Call of Duty news, so keep following. 

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