Rainbow Six Siege Osa - Loadouts, gadgets, gameplay, more

Rainbow Six Siege Osa gameplay and gadgets have officially been unveiled that will be seen in Rainbow Six Siege operation crystal guard.

Rainbow Six Osa
Rainbow Six Osa - New R6S3 operator

Osa, the new operator in Operation Crystal Guard is a Croatian attacker that uses deployable and transparent shields to help her group push the target.

For many players, it will appear to be odd having an Operator who is an attacker with a deployable shield, however, R6 Osa is exactly that character. 

A fresh style has been introduced by Ubisoft in the game via Rainbow Six Osa, who has a two-armor, two-shield, and uses defense to the offense, with her Talon-8 Shields.

The R6 operator Osa has some hazardous firepower capability to back up her defensive actions. And the Osa Talon 8 shields let her loose to be something other than a "major divider" like Montagne or Blitz. 

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It is suggested that the players use the best tricks for the Y6S3 Osa before they bounce into Operation Crystal Guard.

Rainbow Six Osa loadout - Gadgets and weapons 

Unlike R6 Thunderbird gaining admittance to the Spear attack rifle, the Osa's loadout isn't filled with much-energizing stuff as compared to the previously released R6 operators. In any case, Osa's loadout actually contains some famous Siege weaponry. 

Osa's loadout will incorporate either Jackal's PDW9 SMG or Thermite's 556XI assault rifle. While they're not stunning, the 556XI is a truly outstanding to-control assault rifle in Rainbow Six Siege and is an extremely helpful pick for rookies. 

R6 Osa's PMM sidearm is additionally exceptionally trusty, yet players shouldn't actually run into any kind of issue with her primaries.

Osa additionally has Stun Grenades as a choice of optional devices, so if players wish to play her like Blitz, they can opt for Stun Grenades. While it's not as solid as Claymores, it's extraordinary for a snicker ⁠and situationally can be extremely convenient to use. 

  • Rainbow Six Seige Osa - Primary weapons
    • PDW9
    • 556XI
  • Rainbow Six Seige Osa - Secondary weapons
    • PMM
  • Rainbow Six Seige Osa - Secondary gadgets
    • Stun Grenades
    • Claymores

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Tips to dominate Rainbow Six Seige Osa 

R6S3 Osa
Rainbow Six Osa gameplay was revealed today

Try to survive till the end

A simple yet prominent tip for players is that they should keep in mind that Osa lends a large portion of her utility in assisting and helping the attackers with defending post-plants.

So in the event that any player who is playing the character of Osa bites the dust ahead of schedule round without any shield deployment, the group will be left in a tough spot. 

Players should make certain to drop at least one of the two Talon 8 shields early, regardless of whether it's simply on a window while rappeled.

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Rainbow Six Osa loadout
Rainbow Six Osa Loadout has some interesting gadgets

Utilize Osa kit to break onto the site 

The R6 Osa is capable of rapidly breaking onto destinations with relative wellbeing, and that is due to the multitude of instruments in her armory, although her kit is not explosive in the literal sense.

Players simply need to be aware of the swap timing between Osa's Talon 8 shields and her firearm, as that is the exact point at which the players will generally be helpless. And then bedeviling the foe prior to whipping out the 556XI assault rifle to do the task is a simple method to get a man advantage. 

Additionally, opponents of Osa can't shoot through her Talon 8 shields, so in the event that players stroll in while squatting, it's indistinguishable to strolling onto the site as a Blitz. Players can in any case toss their own in the event that you select to take Stun Grenades. 

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Utilize Osa Talon 8 shield to secure planters 

It is obvious that during an attack, the deployable shields have a lesser use as contrasted with the defense. In any case, Osa's Talon-8 Shields can be exceptionally useful after all other options have been exhausted. They fill one incredible need, and that is guarding planters. 

Whenever players choose the R6 Osa, they should hope to get onto site first and drop the Talon 8 shield down so your partners can plant behind it in a protected spot. 

Unfortunately, players can't plant Osa's Talon 8 shield as Montagne or Blitz - twirling around to shield yourself from protectors. Players can't use this move as Osa doesn't store her Talon 8 shields on her back. Accordingly, it's smarter to either whip out the shield and remain before a planting partner or give it to them completely, to protect them. 

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R6 Osa and Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard will release on the 17th of August 2021, on the test servers after Mexico Major kicks off.

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