Warzone Ghostface skin & All Hallows Eve Halloween event leaked

Warzone Ghostface skin along with the All Hallows Eve - Halloween event has been leaked ahead of its official announcement.

Warzone All Hallows Eve
Warzone All Hallows Eve and Ghostface skin leaked 

The land of Warzone was turned into a zombie-infested wasteland last October when the Haunting of Verdansk came to the game. Although the usual opponents were present in the game yet the dead continued returning as Verdansk's Halloween eve allowed the crushed players to get back with powerful capacities. 

Furthermore, last year devs also included icons like Leatherface and Billy The Puppet, who were made accessible only for the limited edition bundles for the cinematic horror. 

These iconic skins carried their own kind of severity to Warzone and their incorporation additionally changed explicit spaces of the Warzone map by revamping the usual spots. 

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However, now it seems like Raven Software is preparing to startle the players once again as the creepy season is returning around with new leaks revealing Raven's arrangements for the month of October. 

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Warzone All Hallows Eve 

On the 20th of August 2021, popular leaker TheGhostOfHope tweeted out that players could be dropping into the "All Hallows Eve" event this Halloween. 

However, the leaker did not provide any specific details of what this Warzone All Hallows Eve will involve, yet all things considered, there are high chances that the new Warzone All Hallows Eve will have a similar pattern to last year. 

Moreover, even if the devs decide to go with the past approach, the Warzone All Hallows Eve would definitely include interesting and new points of interest, battle pass rewards, challenges, and more. 

And keeping everything in mind, it would be fascinating to see whether Raven selects a rigorously conventional Warzone gameplay or much exciting PVE experience. 

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Warzone Halloween Event
Warzone Halloween Event will likely take place in October

The potential for entertainment is amazingly high, as new Warzone operators will certainly show up with the update, and players will be compelled to fight against a portion of most chilling villains. 

And even though the mentioned All Hallows Eve Warzone is months away, a lot of players are now set to layout for the new operators' bundle and it is likewise suggested to keep an electric lamp on the weapon handy. 

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Warzone New Operators

Leakers have found new data inside Warzone's files, and it appears that Ghostface may very well threaten players this Halloween, which could be a great piece of news for the fans of Wes Craven’s seminal Scream franchise. 

The Ghostface skin was made notable by the much-cherished establishment and is known to be a sequential killing mantle, according to a few characters. So as per the leak, Warzone Ghostface skin will be joining the Halloween event. 

Warzone New Operator skin
New Warzone Operator skin leaks

The leaks have additionally hinted at another horror icon that will join Ghostface as well. The release of the upcoming sequel - Halloween Kills in the fan acclaimed Halloween reboot series will probably take place in the month of October. 

So there are high chances that players will get to see Michael Myers meandering the roads of Verdansk. 

Additionally, along with the Warzone Ghostface skin, Mason from the Black Ops series is also present in the leak. And it bodes well that Warzone Mason skin would ultimately be a part of Warzone as he has already shown up in Black Ops 4's Blackout mode and CoD: Mobile in the past.

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And as Warzone Season 5 is in progress currently, the leaks will continue to drop in every now and then. However, the leak has come from a reliable source, so there are high chances of it being true. Yet it is suggested to take all the leaks with a grain of salt.

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