Xbox Game Pass for Android TV coming soon

The latest Xbox Game Pass update is hinting towards adding a basic Android TV/Google TV support.

Xbox Game Pass for Android
Xbox Game Pass for Android TV

Each cloud gaming service guarantees players that they can play every one of their games on numerous gadgets, including a PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, and surprisingly in an internet browser as a major pitch of cloud gaming offers cross-device compatibility.

In any case, some major device has still not been on the radar of cloud gaming suppliers up to this point, that is Smart TVs. 

Last month, Google at last extended Stadia to Android TVs, and presently it is rumored that Microsoft is also set to follow this same pattern by bringing Xbox Game Pass to Android TV.

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el_gonz87, a Reddit user found the most recent APK of Xbox Game Pass has already started the preparation for Android TV support. At the point when the Redditor decompiled the APK, he tracked down a banner picture for Android TV, proposing that the application will soon formally show up on the Android TVs. 

Android TV applications are needed to have a banner picture of a particular size to appear on the launcher, and that is the thing that the most recent adaptation of the Xbox Game Pass has added. 

Even though the Xbox Game Pass application is accessible on the Google Play Store, yet no official version of Xbox Game Pass has been made accessible for Android TV right now. As Android TV definitely comes under the broad category of Android, it was consistently conceivable to sideload the Xbox Game Pass application onto an Android TV gadget like Chromecast. 

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In any case, anybody that is attempted to access the Xbox Game Pass application onto an Android TV gadget like Chromecast, can disclose to you it's not worth the work as the format is ineffectively advanced for TV, the application can't be effectively explored with a controller, and streaming can be troublesome. 

It is expected that the official Xbox Game Pass for Android TV version will probably fix these issues as it will have a layout that will be optimized for TVs and will have good controller support. 

Additionally, the extra work that the users go through to sideload the APK will be reduced with the official Xbox Game Pass for Android TV application.

Moreover, another site, named 9to5Google found that when they sideloaded the most recent Xbox Game Pass APK on a Chromecast, it was displayed on the home screen. Nonetheless, the application is as yet not recorded on the Google Play Store for Android TV. 

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Obviously, Microsoft hasn't affirmed at this point that they'll uphold Android TV or will launch any Xbox Game Pass for Android TV APK, yet with Stadia launching the application for its platform recently, it's just regular that Microsoft might want to do likewise. 

And as Microsoft is already interested to coordinate its game streaming features straightforwardly into more up-to-date smart TVs, this new Xbox Game Pass for Android TV APK likewise integrates with it.

We'll make sure to update you with the latest information, so keep following. 

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