Rainbow Six Siege Containment Event - Release date, skins, more

Rainbow Six Containment event is finally set to arrive in Rainbow Six Siege offering some exciting stuff.

Rainbow Six Containment event
Rainbow Six Containment event is set to take place soon

The forthcoming Rainbow Six Containment event is set to be one of the game's biggest events including new skins, game mode, and much more.

The devs of Rainbow Six are going to handle their greatest task yet in Rainbow Six Siege. It's been prodded and promoted for quite a long time, and presently, the Rainbow Six Containment event may, at last, be showing up in Siege. 

While the upcoming title in the Rainbow Six series, Rainbow Six Extraction has been deferred, players will actually get a little taste of the action and adventure in the forthcoming Siege event.

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Let's get into the details of this upcoming Rainbow Six Containment event.

Rainbow Six Containment Event Start & End date 

The 3rd of August 2021 has been decided as the official Rainbow Six Containment event release date. 

And the leakers were definitely on point with the end date, as the Rainbow Six Containment event will run for three long weeks, implying the Rainbow Six Containment event will be finished on the 24th of August 2021. 

Nest Destruction - Rainbow Six Siege Containment game mode


The leaks were again right and correctly predicted the upcoming game mode.

The new in-game mode for the Rainbow Six Containment event is called Nest Destruction. To stop the zombie-like intrusion, attackers need to destroy the Proteans' (defender) nest, in the 5v5 game mode which is occurring on an infected Consulate map.

Until the Attackers destroy the two secondary nests of Chimera, the main objective that is Chimera's primary nest will be safe and on the contrary side, the Proteans (Defenders) should protect their nests no matter what until time expires. 

And the other way for both the teams to win in the Rainbow Six Containment event is to simply finish off the other group. 

Rainbow Six Containment Proteans abilities

And similar to what was leaked before, Proteans are deprived of their weapons, implying they can only use their melee attacks. However, since Proteans have 650 HP they are both quicker and stronger than their rivals but not human.

Rainbow Six Containment Proteans have Oryx's capacities to run and ascend hatches, along with Aruni's punch. And At the point when all else turns useless, Proteans can depend on Barbed Wire as their optional gadget to keep Attackers under control. 

Rainbow Six Siege Containment game mode Leaks

The Proteans can die easily if they stay outside of the building for a really long time, even though they have 650 HP,  When the timers go past 10 seconds, Proteans die.

Proteans rather get armed with a dash charge and Barbed Wire to run and melee foes to death as they don't have an option to use the weapons. The Proteans charge invigorates only after 10 seconds. 

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The in-game bio leaked, "Proteans are unusual organic entities with human-like highlights. They use melee attacks to take out dangers and can quick dash through delicate surfaces,".

Ranging from Piano Room and Archives to Admin and Consul on the highest floor, the Proteans nests revolve around bomb sites, yet the middle nest in the game will consistently be in play. 

There are a total of 20 attackers available for the player to play, and just 5 Proteans. We have listed down all the Operators that will be part of Nest Destruction.

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Rainbow Six Siege Containment Attackers

  1. Zofia
  2. Zero
  3. Thermite
  4. Sledge
  5. Nomad
  6. Nokk
  7. Maverick
  8. IQ
  9. Hibana
  10. Gridlock
  11. Fuze
  12. Flores
  13. Finka
  14. Capitao
  15. Buck
  16. Blackbeard
  17. Ash
  18. Amaru
  19. Ace

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Rainbow Six Siege Containment Proteans (Defenders)

  1. Warden
  2. Mira
  3. Kaid
  4. Jager
  5. Aruni

Rainbow Six Containment Event Skins and items

As Ubisoft declared, the Rainbow Six Containment event will have a sum of 33 items accessible for players, including

  • Exclusive Sentient Growth signature weapon 
  • Sentient Growth attachment skin
  • Antiparasitic Serum charm

Players can get a free pack containing any of the Rainbow Six Containment Collection items by basically signing in. 

Additionally, the attackers have likewise been reskinned as REACT agents, dressed up in a complete biohazard suit. And these Rainbow Six Containment event skins and outfits are added to the game and can be unlocked in this event.

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Rainbow Six Containment event teaser - Twitter 

Few teasers leaked on Twitter, revealing a few details about the upcoming Rainbow Six Containment event.

The two clips were shared on Twitter, both alluded to the Rainbow Six Containment event occurring at the French Consulate on the Ivory Coast, where the Consulate map is based.

One of the clips mentions the metro system around the consulate is shut "because of a gas spill", while the second clip states "many individuals aren't accepting the official story". 

If the leak turns out to be true, this issue is somewhat in excess of a gas spill. The stories regarding the radio host may be perfect. 

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We'll make sure to update you with the latest information regarding the Rainbow Six Containment event, so keep following. 

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