Xbox Game Pass new games confirmed - Stardew Valley, Aragami 2, more

Xbox Game Pass new games have been confirmed by Microsoft, including Stardew Valley and five other games.

Xbox Game Pass Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft affirms that the widely praised Stardew Valley is will be coming to Xbox Game Pass sooner rather than later alongside five different games. 

Recently, a stream was held by Xbox discussing the forthcoming Indie games that are coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Additionally, the stream incorporated some Xbox Game Pass declarations, with Microsoft affirming the list of games that will be coming to Xbox Game Pass services sometime in the near future. 

Microsoft featured six explicit indie game titles that will be joining the service of Xbox Game Pass, including the widely praised Stardew Valley. 

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Xbox Game Pass new games

The Xbox Game Pass list of games that are confirmed by Microsoft are:

  • Stardew Valley - this fall
  • Aragami 2 - September 17
  • Evil Genius 2: World Domination - Fourth quarter of 2021
  • Pathfinder: Wrath and Righteous - March 1, 2022
  • Library of Ruina - Not announced
  • Pupperazzi - Not announced

The Stardew Valley is the highlight of all the games included in the list that will be added to the Xbox Game Pass on both PC and consoles. Regardless of being more than five years of age now, Stardew Valley stays an extraordinarily mainstream game, which is a demonstration of its quality.

Xbox Game Pass list of games
Xbox Game Pass list of games include 6 confirmed games

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Aragami 2, which is a stealth game will then join the service this September. After Aragami 2, the Evil Genius 2: World Domination will release for Xbox Game Pass sooner or later in Q4, while Pathfinder: Wrath and Righteous will hit the Xbox Game Pass service later in 2022.

During the Xbox streaming, the two other games that are trial titles and were affirmed for Xbox Game Pass were Library of Ruina, which is a choking game portrayed as a "Library Battle Simulation" and Pupperazzi, which is a game about taking pictures of dogs.

Other than the widely praised farming sim, Stardew Valley, the users of Xbox Game Pass will have the previously mentioned Aragami 2 to anticipate this fall, alongside the Forza Horizon 5, an open-world racing game and the exceptionally expected Halo Infinite. 

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The variety that can be seen in these Xbox Game Pass new games displays how Microsoft is advancing its services to offer something to each user. 

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