Zacian - Weakness, Counters, Moveset, More in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Zacian is one of the much-awaited Pokemon, which is set to join the roster with 5 Star Raids.

Zacian Pokemon
Zacian Pokemon Go

Zacian is a Fairy-type Pokemon from the Galar region and is perhaps the best legendary in Pokemon Go. Zacian Pokemon is a generation VIII pokemon.

With the upcoming Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 3 - Sword & Shield, the Galar area's Zacian is getting back to 5-Star Raids that will provide trainers another opportunity to get their hands on the fan-loved Zacian.

The last piece of the Ultra Unlock festivities starts on the 20th of August 2021, and it's set to bring various Galar area top picks to Pokemon Go. The most astonishing appearances are the Legendary Zacian and Zamazenta. 

First up is Zacian, which will show up in the game's 5-Star Raids for seven days prior to being supplanted by Zamazenta.

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This Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 3 - Sword & Shield event is the aptest opportunity for trainers to grab Zacian and Zamazenta, so let's get to know Zacian weakness, movesets, counters, and more.

Zacian in Pokemon Go - Zacian Weaknesses

Zacian is a complete Fairy-type, which implies it's just feeble against Steel and Poison-types. This additionally implies that Pokemon Go Zacian is strong against Dragon-types, Dark, and Fighting-types, so trainers should remember to keep away from these types of Pokemon. 

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Let's have a look at the best Zacian movesets and Zacian counters to take advantage of Zacian Weakness and win in these 5-Star Raids. 

Zacian Pokemon Go - Zacian Moveset

Zacian Pokemon is fit for performing 4 different fast and charged moves as a Raid Boss, going from Dark to Dragon and Fighting-type. The best Zacian moveset are recorded beneath: 
  1. Wild Charge (Electric)
  2. Snarl (Dark)
  3. Quick Attack (Normal)
  4. Play Rough (Fairy)
  5. Metal Claw (Steel)
  6. Iron Head (Steel)
  7. Fire Fang (Fire)
  8. Close Combat (Fighting)

Now, as a significant number of the best Steel-type counters are frail against both Fire-type and Fighting-type moves, there are genuine risks with Fire Fang and Close Combat. And in case, the player's Zacian has both of these moves, they will encounter a lot of KOs

However, there is only one Fairy-type move - Play Rough that Zacian will possibly utilize as both Steel and Poison-type counters can oppose this without any problem. 

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Zacian Pokemon Go - Zacian Counters

Zacian Counters

Zacian Pokemon Go - Instructions to get Zacian Pokemon

Zacian Pokemon will be accessible from Friday, 20th of August 2021, at 10 AM and will be accessible until Thursday, 26th of August 2021, at 10AM in the 5-Star Raids for the trainers to encounter and catch their favorite Zacian.

Winning the 5-Star Raid Battles against the Zacian is the only way to get Zacian Pokemon as after 26th it will be replaced by Zamazenta.

Zacian Pokemon Go - Zacian CP Range 

Zacian Pokemon can be gotten at level 20 with a CP somewhere in the range of 2,100 to 2,188 CP. And with the help of weather boost: Cloudy, it very well may be gotten at level 25 with a CP somewhere in the range of 2,625 to 2,735 CP. 

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Zacian Pokemon Go - Zacian Raid Boss

Zacian Pokemon has a Boss CP of 52,195 which implies it's anything but an impressive rival to overcome and will show up only in 5-Star Raids.

Therefore, it's suggested that trainers try to bring Zacian down with the help of at least 5 or 6 different trainers. 

Zacian Pokemon Go - Zacian Crowned form

As a double Fairy/Steel-type, Zacian Pokemon might actually wind up being the best Dragon-slayer in the game and whenever Zacian Crowned form makes its presentation in Pokemon Go, fans will definitely get excited.

Zacian Crowned form release date has not been announced at this point, however, fans can only hope to get Zacian Crowned form debut not long from now.

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Zacian Pokemon Go - Shiny Zacian

Unfortunately, the Shiny Zacian is currently inaccessible and up until now, there haven't been any reports about when Shiny Zacian could advance toward the game, yet hypothetically, as with other shinies, a Shiny Zacian can presumably be released in some special event centered around Gen VIII or Fairy Pokemon. 

A Spotlight Hour can likewise be the event to release Shiny Zacian, yet those are significantly more hard to foresee. So, fans should wait for Niantic to officially introduce the Shiny Zacian in the game.

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