Animal Crossing New Horizon - villagers new outfits and roles leaked

Animal Crossing New Horizon female villagers and male villagers will have new outfits as per the recent leak.

Animal Crossing New Horizons
Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Fireworks event was recently released in Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 1.11.0 which soon became a great topic of discussion, making August a pretty much effective month for game lovers. 

Nonetheless, few more fascinating elements were added by the devs to make the event considerably more intriguing than last year and one of these interesting elements was data mines. 

Moreover, now the data miners have revealed proof of a variety of extra components evidently customized into the game and to be carried out in the near future. 

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The recent leak that has been surfacing online was first announced by a well-known Animal Crossing YouTuber Crossing Channel. The leak is regarding the Animal Crossing villagers, suggesting the possibility of new villager jobs and activities, which has never been seen earlier. 

Animal Crossing New Horizon Nurse's Uniforms 

A popular leaker Stoney has revealed some major pieces of information, recommending that Animal Crossing female villagers have nurse's uniforms align with a cap whereas male villagers have a nurse's jacket. As per the leaker, both male and female villagers have a doctor's jacket appointed to them by the devs.

However, there is a twist to it, as players will not be able to see any Animal Crossing villagers wearing the doctor's outfits except if they're given it as a gift. Moreover, the code alludes to explicit job-related roles and duties, suggesting that the outfits are related to a comparable activity. 

Animal Crossing New Horizon School Uniforms

The same leaker additionally found the presence of school uniforms for various sorts of villagers. As per the leaker, Lazy and Smug have a school jacket, Jock and Cranky villagers have an after-school jacket, and female villagers have a sailors tee. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Villager JOB UPDATES Discovered (New Activities Datamine)

The features of similar types were likewise available in another well-known Animal Crossing game, where the players were able to build schools and hospitals inside the game, an element not found in any other section in the series. 

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer had this feature, where each village on the island was given a purpose. So in comparison to the past series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been receiving some sort of backlash from the fans as the game lacks in the participation of villagers on various events. 

While New Horizons is probably the best addition in the Animal Crossing series, it does seems like the devs certainly want to present elements from the past well-known titles to keep Animal Crossing New Horizons up to the mark.

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Be that as it may, like every other leak thus far, these should be thought of while taking other factors into consideration until Nintendo officially reveals any data about it.

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