Valorant x Zedd Collaboration Officially Confirmed

Valorant and Zedd, the much-awaited collaboration has finally been confirmed by Riot Games. 

Valorant x Zedd Collaboration
Valorant x Zedd Collaboration

Recently, Riot Games revealed a new and dazzling Valorant map - Fracture in the Episode 3 Act 2 update and there are numerous rumors going around about the next Valorant Agent Deadeye.

Moreover, players are additionally anticipating the next weapon skins bundle as currently, the in-game store has Recon skins as the most recent skin, which will soon be replaced with new skins.

Players also have the upcoming VCT Masters Stage 3 that is set to take gamers to Berlin, where the best Valorant teams would battle to get the ultimate title. Additionally, there are chances that players may get the hotly anticipated Zedd weapon skins with the next update. 

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However, now Riot has affirmed that Valorant and Zedd collaboration is underway, and Zedd the well-known singer is set to bring new excitement among the players. 

Valorant x Zedd Collaboration Officially Confirmed 

Anton Zaslavski aka Zedd is a well-known Russian DJ, lyricist, and producer & the devs have been teasing players regarding the Valorant x Zedd Collaboration since the time the Year One anthem video came out. 

Zedd always had an interest in the Valorant title and hence is a well-known personality in the Valorant community. Indeed, Riot additionally highlighted the performer in VALORANT's Year 1 Anthem video. Alongside that, the video additionally gave players a brief look at a melee weapon in collaboration with Zedd. 

The players have been waiting for quite a while for Riot to reveal the Zedd skins bundle since he was first teased long back. And indeed, the recent news of the official confirmation on the Valorant x Zedd collaboration has excited many fans. 

Zedd posted an unclear picture recently, hinting at the collab with Riot's FPS title, and then a couple of moments later, Valorant affirmed that they are collaborating with Zedd to give fans something exceptional. 

The announcement was made on Twitter, where the devs revealed that their work with Zedd, probably the new skins, will be unveiled on the 7th of September 2021 at 8 AM PDT (Pacific Timing). 

Obviously, it is invigorating to perceive what Valorant and Zedd collaboration has to offer to the players. So, those who are early waiting for the reveal should keep their eyes on September 7 to get the details of the Valorant x Zedd collab, and what the devs have been working on.

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