Battlefield Mobile - release date, pre-register, trailer, more

Battlefield Mobile is a much-awaited game, and after the success of the Battlefield series, Dice is set to release the game soon. 

Battlefield Mobile
Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile is a collaborative effort by both DICE and Industrial Toys to make the mobile version of the popular Battlefield game. 

Battlefield 2042 is set to release on the 22nd of October 2021, and the devs are truly working hard to ensure they stay one of the most well-known games in the business. 

The announcement about Battlefield Mobile, indeed excited the individuals who play and enjoy the Battlefield series. The mobile version of Battlefield is basically going to be the same as the PC and console versions of the game.

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Yet despite having a similar pattern, there will be some interesting, unique elements in the game that are appropriate for any on-the-go gaming. 

So, let's get to know the details about this upcoming Battlefield Mobile, release date, beta, gameplay, and more.

Battlefield Mobile release date

It was revealed earlier that Battlefield Mobile is scheduled for a release in 2022, however, no concrete date was revealed by the devs.

Yet, a prominent leaker, Tom Henderson has asserted that Battlefield Mobile release date will be somewhere between January and March 2021. The leaker stated, "Battlefield Mobile is still scheduled to release before April 2022".

Battlefield Mobile Pre Register 

Currently, players living in Aisa can pre-register for Battlefield Mobile, however, those living in the US and the United Kingdom should expect some delay until additional data for the Battlefield Mobile pre-registration is announced.

Pre-registrations for Battlefield Mobile have started in some regions!

Battlefield Mobile - Pre Register Now

Players should simply go to the PlayStore Battlefield Mobile page, and where it regularly says 'Download' it should give a choice to pre-register. Then, players will simply need to wait for the game to go live in their region to begin downloading. 

Battlefield Mobile Beta

Autumn 2021 will have the Battlefield Mobile beta tests with the principal set of playtests focused on Indonesia and the Philippines for Android phones. 

The devs will undoubtedly restrict test their servers with greater playtimes sometime in the future, however, players will get their first opportunity to get into Battlefield Mobile with the upcoming playtest.

Battlefield mobile release date
Battlefield Mobile pre-registrations are live now

It will be an early bird gets the worm structure for the Battlefield Mobile for the playtests and pre-registration doesn't mean that players will automatically get in the game.

Battlefield has likewise been prototyped on different platforms like mobile for some time now, yet these tests have not been permitted to be seen or tried by the general population yet. 

Battlefield Mobile Gameplay

From the details revealed so far, fans can say that EA is hoping to recreate their console accomplishment in a convenient mobile game version. 

Any reasonable person would agree that we can expect exemplary modes like conquest to show up as the upcoming Battlefield Mobile is set to bring "large-scale battle" for its fans. Players will not be baffled with regards to the scale of destruction as well, as EA has promised to incorporate "large scale destruction" in the Battlefield design. 

It is expected that the devs will probably drop a combination of new and recognizable modes for this new part of the Battlefield series, however, any explicit Battlefield Mobile game modes haven't been uncovered at this point

Moreover, Battalion building along with the squads are likewise reputed to return to the game, so in case any individual is looking to team up with others, they are in luck.

Battlefield Mobile Weapons 

Players will get to unlock new Battlefield Mobile weapons through ranked progression and the game is set to offer a wide range of weapons going from assault rifles to sidearms. Moreover, franchise classics like the P226 from Battlefield 4 and the FN2000 from Battlefield 2 are some of the important arsenal included in Battlefield Mobile weapons.

Battlefield Mobile customization

It wouldn't be Battlefield without explicit roles, hence, the role assignments will likewise make a return with Battlefield Mobile debut, be it a medic or any new role. 

Additionally, fans hoping to add their own touch to their operators can do as such with changeable Battlefield Mobile skins, along with customization in their specific playstyle.

Battlefield Mobile Vehicles

Fortunately, there are some wonderful Battlefield Mobile vehicles to browse from as navigating through the disaster area in the game can be an eventful task. Players will likewise encounter enormous tanks that will wreck the spot. 

Players searching for something quicker can jump onto ATVs, to make a lithe escape from risky enemies and helicopters will unquestionably show up in the game as well.

Moreover, cooperated with the destructive conditions, and utilizing the armored mammoths, players will certainly get to enjoy great gameplay.

Battlefield Mobile Trailer

Battlefield 2042 is set to release soon, and the devs gave fans a trailer of that game and are currently concentrating its release, so fans will have to wait for a few months to get the Battlefield Mobile trailer. 

And as the Battlefield Mobile release date is coming nearer, fans should look out for the leaks and updates that will be dropping in.

This was everything about Battlefield Mobile, and there is definitely more that players will get when the original Battlefield Mobile game releases. We'll make sure to update you with the latest Battlefield news, so keep following. 

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