Bungie's Job Listing Suggests Next IP Could Be A Mysterious Competitive Live Service Game

According to the latest Bungie job listings, the next Bungie IP can be a competitive live service game.

bungie new ip - competitive live service game
Latest Bungie job listing hints at a new competitive live service IP

The popular developer of Destiny, Halo, and more, Bungie is working on its next IP, and recently, Bungie has posted a new job listing advert for "Director of Product Management".

This new Bungie job listing proposes that Bungie's new IP can possibly be a competitive live service game, just like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone

The latest job listing, demands the individuals to have a "Passion for competitive live service games and a strong understanding of the industry" under the "Required skills" area.

Last year, Bungie was recruiting numerous individuals for its next IP, and all the hiring expressed that this new game would have "lighthearted and whimsical characters" with RPG components, dungeons, sorcery, and loots. 

So, this unannounced competitive title may feature these characters.

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The new IP also demands the applying candidates to have, "Vision and ability to see the bigger picture and translate it into innovative initiatives," and "Expertise and a wealth of knowledge of industry trends and the competitor landscape"

There are a few other Bungie Job Listings of the new IP as well, including a post for:


Back in June, another position said, "Living inside a giant database of hundreds of baubles, weapons, and armor is nothing new to you. And neither is building a system to cleverly distribute those items in a necromancer’s dungeon." 

Moreover, back in 2018, Bungie trademarked a brand name for "Matter" which can possibly be the title for this new competitive IP or maybe some other game that the studio is currently working on. The incubation page of Bungie Careers has also been redesigned with some new and fresh ideas.

Bungie Job Listings in the Past

April 2021 Bungie job listings expressed that the individual should have "solid knowledge of cutthroat gaming/esports scene," with a great deal of spotlight on the serious/ competitive gaming and PvP side of things. 

Not long after in May 2021, Bungie was recruiting "Sandbox Designer" for its new "multiplayer action game" where the Bungie job listings demanded the person to have "experience of working at character-centered action games." 

Another Bungie job listings for "Partner Tools Engineer" express that this new IP would have the devices that "content makers use," and that the individual will "straightforwardly interface with content makers to profoundly get acquainted with the pipeline they utilize every day" 

In 2018, a trademark was filed by Bungie for Matter with a picture that has been generally utilized for Bungie's new IP. Discussing brand names and trademarks, Bungie has additionally recorded a trademark for BungieCon which was published in January 2021. 

Bungie likewise uncovered its arrangements for studio development in February 2021, with Destiny universe venturing into different media such as television programs, movies, and so on.

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However, fans will need to keep a watch out for the upcoming event as we probably can get some sneak look at Bungie's next IP during this event.

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