Warzone Season 6 - Release date, new weapons, map changes, more

Warzone Season 6 is set to release soon and few details have been revealed about this upcoming season already.

CoD Warzone Season 6
CoD Warzone Season 6

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 is coming closer to its end and the next Warzone Season 6 is set to release soon, so, fans have been waiting to know what the devs have to offer in this upcoming Warzone Season 6.

Warzone season 5 included a lot of new features, like new weapons, operators, and much more. Warzone Season 6 is, obviously, liable to be the same. 

And as Warzone Season 6 is quickly drawing nearer, so let's get into the details of everything that players can anticipate from Warzone season 6. From map changes to prizes, new weapons, and more. 

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Warzone Season 6 Release Date

On Thursday, 7th of October 2021, the Warzone Season 5 Battle Pass will get terminated, and consequently, Warzone Season 6 will begin then, after the updates to Black Ops Cold War on October 5 at 9 PM PT and Warzone on October 6 at 9 PM PT.

Today, Treyarch revealed the new Cold War Forsaken Zombies map and along with its announcement, it has also been revealed that players will get the release of Warzone Season 6. Hence, October 7, 2021, has been affirmed as the official Warzone Season 6 release date.

Warzone Season 6 - New Weapons


UPDATE: 30/09/21

Players will get three weapons at the beginning of Warzone Season Six, and a prototypical bullpup SMG and a set of deadly melee tools later in the fall.

  • .410 Ironhide: Shotgun (Launch) 
  • Grav: Assault Rifle (Launch) 
  • Battle Axe (Launch)
  • LAPA: SMG (In-Season) 
  • Hammer and Sickle: Melee (In-Season) 


Each Warzone season brings a scope of new weapons and that pattern will proceed in Season 6 with new weapons coming for players to acquire. 

New melee weapons, an SMG, a powerful AR, and surprisingly a deadly handgun were all part of Warzone Season 5 weapon list and players are expecting the new batch to be more interesting as in Warzone Season 6 could be the final batch of modern equipment before Vanguard.

However, a recent Warzone leak revealed that a player will get to see a new shotgun in Season 6. TheMW2Ghost, a prominent CoD leaker has also shared an image of the same.

However, we'll make certain to keep updating you with new Warzone Season 6 weapons whenever it is announced.

Warzone Season 6 - Map changes


UPDATE: 30/09/21

New map features are coming with Warzone Season 5 such as Stadium, Downtown, and WWII Bunkers and it has been revealed in the official blog, that "Season Six’s Gulag is inspired by the original trio of 1v1 maps within the Verdansk of 2019, and based on the Modern Warfare® Gunfight map variant."

Further, it has been added, "This (Season Six’s Gulag) takes place in an undisclosed and sectioned-off level of the deep Zordaya Prison Complex."

Players will also get to see 3 new maps, including:

  • Deprogram (6v6, Launch)
  • Amerika (6v6, Launch)
  • Gluboko (2v2 and 3v3, Launch)

The Warzone Season 6 cinematic trailer clearly showcased Downtown and Stadium destruction happening in the game and because of an earthquake, both these spots have been destructed and will be a lot different in the upcoming time.

The WWII Bunkers have also been added, which are hidden under the surface of Verdansk but are loaded with loot.


Players were given a small gander at what they can anticipate from the next CoD Warzone Season 6 story. The official Call of Duty Instagram account revealed the Warzone Season 6 cinematic intro and it teased some critical changes.

Frank Woods and Hudson were seen examining how Adler has denounced in Verdansk due to The Numbers Broadcast in Season 5 outro cinematic, and they needed somebody with experience to assist them with waking Adler up. 

Now it has been revealed that this "somebody" is Alex Mason, who was enthralled by the spell of The Numbers Broadcast in CoD Black Ops. The Season 6 intro cinematic shows Mason assisting with waking up Adler from his trance.

Moreover, Stich has begun his plan that sees segments of Verdansk start to detonate, which hints at critical changes to the Warzone Season 6 map.

Expected to be the last season before the Call of Duty: Vanguard officially releases, Warzone Season 6 will be the finish of Verdansk. And the gamers have high hope from Warzone Season 6 to level up the Warzone series.

With Vanguard's release, players will see the new Pacific map in the upcoming season of Warzone, however, how these map changes will be made will be seen as the release date comes nearer.

Warzone Season 6 - The Haunting Event 

Very little was uncovered regarding Warzone's Haunting event. However, players will get to see the Warzone Haunting event on the 19th of October 2021 to observe Halloween in Verdansk. 

Yet developers have assured that more details about the upcoming Haunting event will be shared on October 18.

Warzone Season 6 - Battle Pass 

Warzone Season 6 will bring its own Battle Pass, the same as each occasional update lately. Players can anticipate new vehicle skins, Operators, Blueprints, and much more, with 100-levels of new substance set to come in Warzone Season 6.

And as usual, the new Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass will give free prizes alongside a premium track for sure. But we will have to wait for the official announcements to be certain of any changes.

Warzone Season 6 Leaks 

There have been several leaks that have emerged recently, giving players a brief idea as to what they can expect from this upcoming Call of Duty Warzone Season 6.

While there are as yet a couple of days to go before Season 6, that hasn't prevented early leaks from making wounds on the web. 

This time around, the leaks revealed Alex Mason's re-visitation to CoD and it appears as if this Black Ops character will be Warzone Season 6 central Operator. A prominent leaker, PlayStation Game Size Twitter account has revealed this new Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 6 artwork.

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