Call of Duty 2023 details leaked

Call of Duty 2023 details has been shared by a prominent leaker, prior to the release of the current year's CoD.

Call of Duty 2023
Call of Duty 2023

While 2021's CoD - Call of Duty: Vanguard has not been released at this point, yet the leaks regarding the 2023 CoD release have already started to show up. 

The next title after Vanguard, created by Infinity Ward, is supposedly codenamed "Project Cortez", which will be released in 2022, and is apparently a sequel of the fan-most loved Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, however, leakers have started sharing details for the 2023 title. 

It is quite obvious that the next CoD 2023 will be developed by Treyarch as the CoD series usually follows a three-year studio cycle between Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward, Raven Software, and Treyarch.

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However, many fans have started wondering what precisely Treyarch will do in 2023. Presently, it seems like they have their reply, as Tom Henderson has explained that the next game from the developers will be "semi-futuristic." 

This piece of info will definitely get fans energized, particularly with Henderson's subsequent remark that the game is "boots on the ground." 

Henderson says, "Treyarch's next game is also semi-futuristic (boots on the ground) if you want 2023 info." 

As per the given depiction, Call of Duty 2023 precisely seems like the fan's most loved Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which was released back in 2012 and was set in the future of 2025. Black Ops 2 included an arsenal of remarkable equipment and weaponry. Nonetheless, it didn't take things excessively far according to fans, as a usual movement system was kept set up for the game.

All things considered, if the leaker is on point with this leak, then it implies that enthusiasts of the futuristic settings and jet packs might need to stand by more for the return, with the leaker asserting that we're staying with boots on the ground for a longer period. 

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However, this will most likely not come as a very remarkable shock, considering how dubious the jetpack games were beforehand. 

With the CoD 2023 release being so distant, there are all the possibilities that the details can in any case change, however, the studios will in general work on the games ahead of time, so it is highly possible that the main matters of the CoD 2023 title has already been decided.

While the latest details about "Call of Duty 2023" are interesting, yet these are not official, so players should take this information with a grain of salt.

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