Apex Legends Halloween event - start date, skins, LTM, more

Apex Legends Halloween event is the next major event in the game, and a few details have already been leaked ahead of the official announcement. 

Apex Legends Halloween event

Apex Legends Halloween event

Regular updates and changes in meta are part of Apex Legends' routine and with the launch of season 10, new skins, weapons, World's Edge map changes, another playable legend Seer, and much more was added into the game. 

Presently, players are anticipating the next huge in-game event, and Respawn is set to organize the Apex Legends Halloween event that will bring several new skins, cosmetics, and LTMs to the battle royale.

Garretleaks posted a series of tweets showcasing different Apex Legends Halloween skins like Caustic, Bloodhound, and others that may make their appearance eventually during the Apex Halloween event in Season 10.

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Apex Legends Halloween event start date

Currently, there has been no official announcement regarding the Apex Legends Halloween event start date, yet leakers have revealed that the Apex Legends Halloween Event is set to take place after the 12th of October 2021, i.e. after the Monster Event. 

There are likewise chances that the Apex Halloween event may happen on a similar date as the Fight or Fright Halloween event from 2020. And if that will be the case then the Apex Legends Season 10 Halloween event should start around the 22nd of October 2021. 

Respawn, in general hosts these events typically around the last weeks of October. So, ideally, the devs will report the official Apex Legends Halloween 2021 event start date soon enough. 

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Apex Legends Halloween Event 2021 - Skins

This Apex Legends Halloween 2021 event will presumably bring back a couple of exemplary skins that we've seen previously, and additionally, there are a few leaks that are recommending that there will be new Apex monster-themed cosmetic items accessible at the Apex Legends Monster Event 2021.

As per the prominent Apex Legends dataminer, Garret, a large number of the Monster skins alongside a bunch of creepy holo sprays will be made accessible during the upcoming Apex Legends Halloween Event 2021. 

Apex Legends Halloween Wraith Monster skin

Apex Legends Halloween Bloodhound Monster skin

Apex Legends Halloween Caustic Monster skin

Apex Legends Halloween Horizon Monster skin

Apex Legends Halloween Loba Monster skin

Apex Legends Halloween Seer Monster skin

Apex Legends Halloween Revenant Monster skin

Apex Legends Halloween Valkyrie Monster skin

These were all the leaked new Apex Legends Halloween 2021 skins that will probably be seen in the game soon. However, fans should think about it while taking other factors into consideration as Respawn can anytime decide not to release any of these into the main game. 

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Apex Legends Halloween Event 2021 - LTM

The leak has come from a prominent Apex leaker, Shrugtal who claims that Respawn Entertainment may bring back the Shadow Royale LTM for the Halloween-themed event. As per Shrugtal, the event is supposedly set to start on the 26th of October 2021, however, Respawn has not made any comment on this till now. 

This LTM transforms killed players into Shadows, who have the ability of double jumping and wall-running. There are chances that this time the developers decide to roll out a couple of improvements to the fan-most loved mode.

Apex Legends Halloween Event 2021 - Banners

The Apex Legends Halloween Monster Within banners look as cool as the skins. A few of the leaked Apex Halloween banner 2021 are:

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