GTA Remastered Trilogy release date delayed - Leak

GTA Remastered Trilogy which is currently under development will be not be released anytime soon.

GTA Remastered trilogy
GTA Remastered Trilogy

The GTA fans have been eagerly waiting to get some fresh information regarding the new advancements in the GTA franchise and the reports about the GTA remastered Trilogy being under development excited the fans a lot.

With the announcement about the GTA Remastered Trilogy having Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA 3, fans were excited to head back to Vice City and Liberty City sooner or later, replaying the old stories. 

However, now it seems like fans will have to wait for quite long to get their hands on this upcoming GTA Remastered Trilogy game as it probably won't release anytime soon. 

GTA Trilogy leaks through NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Recently, in addition to the previous GTA Remasters leaks, a PC port of GTA: Liberty City Stories has additionally been listed on the NVIDIA GeForce NOW leak, that is being developed by Lucid Games. 

GTA Remastered Trilogy postponed till 2022

Prominent industry leaker, Tom Henderson has dropped some new information about the upcoming game while talking with TheMW2Ghost on the Gold Podcast. 

During the podcast, both of them were discussing the status of Rockstar Games' upcoming endeavors, where Henderson stated that he has "heard different" to reports that express the GTA Trilogy remasters will drop this year. 

However, Henderson did not clarify who his sources are or whether they're authoritative but does seem to imply that he's heard from multiple people on the topic.

While talking about the significance of the remaster, TheMW2Ghost said, "This isn't only a fast something to bide time". 

Moreover, during the conversation, TheMW2Ghost additionally said "to release a banger like the GTA Trilogy remaster, even around the same time, is unusual". 

Henderson furthermore added to the theorized GTA Trilogy remasters release date, stating "we'll see them one year from now". 

Timestamp of 59:30 

Even though Henderson's logic is on point, yet there are additional counterarguments. For instance, releasing the Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy could have its advantages if it gets released with Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded and Enhanced. 

It would move more individuals back toward the GTA franchise and also, in case Rockstar was anxious about remasters affecting Grand Theft Auto 5, there's actually no decent opportunity to release GTA remaster trilogy as GTA 5 is consistently popular and GTA Online is always getting updates.

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However, with Sony changing its State of Play exhibit into the PlayStation Showcase, fans are hoping that Rockstar Games will reveal more insight about the game with new footage. 

Yet, as Rockstar Games have been famous for their consistency in keeping the mysteries, fans can hope to see the GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced Edition gameplay during the showcase. 

The last appears to be more probable, as the release date of November is coming nearer. We'll make sure to update you with the latest GTA news, so keep following. 

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