League of Legends Vex - release date, skins, abilities, more

New League of Legends champion, Vex - the Gloomy Mage has been revealed by Riot, along with its release date, abilities, and more.

League of Legends Vex Gloomy Mage
League of Legends Vex - The Gloomy Mage

Riot Games has unveiled several new characters in LoL including Akshan, Viego, and Gwen being the primary characters in the Ruination storyline as the devs promised that each new update in the game will be associated with the game-wide event, the “Sentinels of Light”.

Now, the studio has finally unveiled another new League of Legends character, Vex - Gloomy Mage which was first teased way back in June 2020, and it seems as though 2021's next LoL character will also be a part of the Ruination storyline.

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So, let's get into the details about this upcoming LoL character, Vex - Gloomy Mage, release date, trailer, abilities, and more.

Vex - the Gloomy Mage 

League of Legends Vex is from Bandle City. Vex is a gloomy yordle and loathes color and happiness and she met the Ruined King and developed a fondness for him after traveling to the Shadow Isles, and Vex was the one who intensified his power over the Black Mist so she can spread hopelessness all over Runeterra. 

Moreover, as per the ongoing hypothesis, the LoL Gloomy Mage is Yuumi's missing master, and that this League of Legends Vex vanished by utilizing the Book of Thresholds to teleport to a perilous spot.

It is also been said that explorations across the material and realm domains are one of the most loved activities of the LoL Vex.

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UPDATE: 25/09/21

League of Legends Vex nerfs

Recently, Riot released Vex into the game with LoL patch 11.19 with a 50.67% win rate in the initial 24 hours, which is excessively higher than the previously released champions, like Akshan, who was released in the game with a 34% win rate. 

However, this excessive Vex win rate has made the developers rapidly fix with a whirlwind of hotfix nerfs on September 24. 

On September 25, Riot developer, Tim 'Truexy' Jiang took to Twitter and revealed, "She came out a bit stronger than we'd like," and as a result, the developers are now primarily targeting Vex's passive abilities, along with its high damage later in the game. Both the Vex's base and AP will get slight nerfs. 

Vex's Q - Mistral Bolt, is additionally being nerfed trying to tune back her high waveclear, particularly in the mid-game. As per the revealed info, 

  • Vex's Passive - Doom ‘n’ Gloom

Damage: 30-180 (+25% AP) >>> 30-140 (+20% AP)

  • Q - Mistral Bolt

Base damage: 60/110/160/210/260 >>> 60/106/150/195/240


UPDATE: 03/09/21

League of Legends Vex release date

After a long wait, Riot Games has officially reported the League of Legends Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skin line. 

As announced, all the League of Legends Dawnbringer skins and Nightbringer skins will be a part of the LoL Night and Dawn 2021 event. Also, Nightbringer and Dawnbringer Vex, Morgana, Kayn, Tryndamere, Yone, and Lillia skins will be released with LoL 11.19 patch, i.e. on the 23rd of September 2021.

As it was already revealed that Riot had postponed the Gloomy Mage release date, due to which players got Akshan first. 

However, back in the time, Mireles affirmed that players will get to see the LoL Gloomy Mage in the month of September, he said, "as long as everything goes as arranged. We're working hard at getting her source of power (shadow) perfectly in-game, which is the reason she's releasing a bit after the Sentinels of Light event." 

In any case, we'll update the article whenever any news regarding the League of Legends Gloomy Mage release date is announced.

League of Legends Vex skins

As per the announcement fans can hope to get the following League of Legends skin:

  1. Dawnbringer Vex
  2. Dawnbringer Morgana
  3. Kayn with both Dawnbringer and Nightbringer
  4. Nightbringer Lillia
  5. Nightbringer Tryndamere
  6. Dawnbringer Yone (yet to be confirmed)


Initially, fans were expecting that Vex will come with a Ruination-themed event skin, like "Ruined" or "Sentinel". However, Ryan Mireles, a developer in League of Legends revealed that the Gloomy Mage will be released with a future event (not Sentinels of Light), and will get a skin inside that skinline." 

After that nothing was revealed further, however, today, on September 3, leaker @lol_insider, has revealed the new Dawnbringer Vex skin having a modern shine. 

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League of Legends Dawnbringer Vex skin price

Here's the list of complete skins prices including the new Dawnbringer Vex skin that has recently been revealed by Riot Games:

  1. Kayn Prestige Edition - 2000 event tokens
  2. Dawnbringer Yone - 1850 RP (Legendary Skin) (Not confirmed yet)
  3. Dawnbringer Morgana - 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  4. Dawnbringer Vex - 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  5. Kayn with both Dawnbringer and Nightbringer - 1350 RP (Epic Skin) (Not confirmed yet)
  6. Nightbringer Tryndamere - 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  7. Nightbringer Lillia - 1350 RP (Epic Skin)

League of Legends Vex Abilities

Initially, the 14th yordle champion, Vex was to be some sort of artillery mage, however, now Vex has changed marginally since her first teaser. 

Riot has transformed Vex into an even more traditional burst mage and this shift was the reason behind the postponement of the League of Legends Vex release date

League of Legends Vex gets irritated as damnation with hyperactive champions running all around her which is sufficient to make her begin pummeling all lifeforms loaded with aggravating joy running around her like bothersome flies.

LoL Vex Passive Abilities

  • Vex Doom - League of Legends' Vex becomes empowered by Doom, making her next basic ability cause fear in opponents and interrupt dashes. 
  • Vex Goom: This ability of Vex enables him to detonates the mark against a Gloom marked enemy, which refunds a part of Doom’s cooldown and deals bonus damage.

LoL Vex Abilities

  • Q - Mistral Bolt 

Vex releases a wave forward, causing magic damage to opponents it goes through. After a brief pause, the wave speeds up however has decreased width. Mistral Bolt explodes Gloom on any marked foes it hits. 

  • W - Personal Space 

Vex gains a shield and emanates a shockwave, causing magic damage to opponents around her. Personal Space explodes Gloom on any marked foes it hits

  • E - Looming Darkness 

Shadow flies to an area, expanding in size as it moves. On showing up, Shadow explodes slow Gloom on any marked foes it hits. 

  • R - Shadow Surge 

Shadow flies forward, dealing magic damage and marking the very first opponent champion it hits. Vex would then be able to rework this ability to have the Shadow pull her to the marked opponent, dealing further magic damage. 

In the event that the marked enemy is been killed within a brief time frame of taking damage from Shadow Surge, Vex can project Shadow Surge again inside a couple of moments.

No concrete detail has been shared by the Gloomy Mage abilities however, in the recent Riot video, players were able to spot League of Legends Vex abilities, and these leaked abilities include:

  1. A shadow-based ability that has champs that may have a reevaluation. 
  2. And like Ezreal's Q ability, one of Vex's abilities is spamable.
  3. A subsequent Vex ability appears to show the character going over Summoner's Rift quicker than typically conceivable.
  4. Moreover, an area-of-effect fear is also her ability that seems to stamp a passive on adversaries with a little delay.

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There were the complete details about League of Legends Vex, the Gloomy Mage that has been revealed so far. Keep visiting for more LoL updates. 

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