9 new World of Warcraft dungeons will be coming in WoW patch 9.1.5 - Leak

World of Warcraft dungeons will become part of the game again with Patch 9.1.5 as per the latest leak.

new World of Warcraft dungeons
New World of Warcraft dungeons is coming in 9.1.5

World of Warcraft was released 17 years ago, and since then Blizzard Entertainment keeps giving players a lot of new and interesting stuff to explore in the game. The players have received various updates and patches that introduced dungeons, different raids, PvP arenas, world events, and much more.

Moreover, Blizard never stops adding more to the rundown of features in the world of Azeroth. However, as per the recent leak, World of Warcraft dungeons will once again become part of the timewalking content pool with Patch 9.1.5.

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Warlords of Draenor marked the debut of Timewalking that allows players the opportunity to encounter exemplary dungeons for a limited time every week at level 50 and higher. 

Players get the chance to acquire timewarped gear, special loot which then increases to the player's level once outside the dungeon as the dungeons rotate arbitrarily which downsized players' power and gear compared to the dungeon.

As per a recent report from WoWHead, new info was datamined from a patch that nine new World of Warcraft dungeons will be coming to timewalking pool with Patch 9.1.5, however, it was not revealed whether the new dungeons could be added to the pool or will they supplant any of the current timewalking dungeons. 

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It was additionally revealed that the new World of Warcraft dungeons will come from the following mentioned:

Burning Crusade
    • NEW Underbog
    • NEW The Botanica
    • NEW Blood Furnace
Wrath of the Lich King
    • NEW Utgarde Keep
    • NEW Azjol-Nerub
    • NEW The Forge of Souls


    • NEW Blackrock Caverns
Warlords of Draenor
    • NEW Grimrail Depot
Mists of Pandaria
    • NEW Scholomance

As per the report, "all of these dungeons had their loot added as well such as  Icon of Unyielding Courage and  Needle-Encrusted Scorpion."

Currently, players are exploring Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 inside World of Warcraft, however, it is expected that the full patch will be released by November 2021.

These were all the latest information regarding the new World of Warcraft dungeons. Keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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